September 2, 2012

project 366 {week 35}


So the stencils in the first photo.  Anyone remember those?  For a while I searched high and low for them, I remembered having the set as a child and thought Ryann would enjoy tracing them.  But I couldn't find anything like them.  We bought some flimsy ones, and eventually gave up looking.  And wouldn't you know a few weeks later Grandma 'Nita shows up with Daddy's old set of stencils.  The exact ones I remember having.  They are made by Tupperware.  It is ridiculous how happy that box of stencils made me.  Ryann doesn't love them as much as I hoped she would, but she does enjoy them.

And Christopher found that turtle in our yard.  He wanted to keep it.  Or build a little turtle enclosure in our backyard for the thing.  I um, said no.  So they let the little dude go.  But Ryann sure loved seeing the turtle up close!


Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures. Have you done a home tour? I would love to see your house:]

Anonymous said...

I love seeing these. The "finally asleep" picture with the photo of you and your hubby in the background is adorable. Something about it I absolutely love. Shows how much her parents love each other.