September 17, 2012

i think i'm past my prime

Eeek.  Sorry this is WAY late in the day.  The hubs was at my parents with Ryann and I this weekend, and nap time and after Ryann was in bed time was spent crafting or watching True Blood on demand or football.  So, uh, yeah.  Sorry.

Anyway, I've got some good news and some bad news.  The good news?  I managed 9.5 miles on Sunday without having to pee.  I'm not sure how that happened (well, I think was a tad dehydrated, which of course is no good, but still).  The bad news?  I lost $10 along the way.  I had it in my pocket in case I needed to stop at a gas station for food or water, and it wasn't in my pocket by the time I made it home.  Sad story.

The other bad news?  I think the optimal time for running a half marathon while pregnant, for me anyway, would have been between 14-16 weeks.  I think any earlier and I would have been to sick and tired to get in my long runs.  But man, running is starting to kick my butt.  The belly is just coming in and I can already DEFINITELY feel its impact.  My right hip flexor thing or whatever is pretty dang painful after I'm done running.  I foresee a lot more rest days than I'm used to taking.  3 miles is good, 5+ means taking some time to rest.

I still think (and am crossing everything I've got) that I'll be able to finish the half marathon.  I just might be crawling by the time I get to the finish line.  For the record I in no way feel that I am hurting my body or putting my little bean in jeopardy right now, it is just uncomfortable.  If I feel at all like this isn't a good idea, or my doctor starts questioning it, I won't be doing it.  But for now it is just learning to see resting as a good thing, instead of being lazy.

One more random tidbit.  Obviously, being pregnant can make you a little hungry.  Add having run 9+ miles to being pregnant and man I am ravenous!  Unfortunately Sunday after my long run I didn't make the best of choices.  First I was craving Fritos, and then I wanted a milkshake and then we had pizza for dinner.  Whoops.  I need to find some healthy mindless snacks I can gorge on when my stomach seems bottomless.  At least I got a banana (um, and chocolate) mlikshake, right?  Hmmm...


Again, sorry for the late random pathetic post, it is about all I have right now.  Praying Ryann sleeps decently tonight so I can get up before the sun rises tomorrow and rock 5 miles.  And then probably not be able to move, but whatever.

Link up your health and fitness related posts below!  And please link back to here so others can join in on the motivation.  The more the merrier.


Amanda said...

Thanks for posting! I felt really rude after I commented on instagram... After retreading your posts this weekend I felt very inspired to make some positive changes and with some support I hope to follow through. ;)

Amber said...

You are AWESOME. Strong work sticking with it. No way would I have been able to do it while pregnant and having a little one running around. Do you find it helps you increase your energy?