September 10, 2012

i can't move.

An alternate title for this post would be 'thank you J-Lo', but I'll get to that in a bit.

I'm not exactly sure how we accomplished it, but Ryann and I were actually out the door and on our way to the gym by 7:50am Saturday morning.  That hasn't happened in quite some time.  Meaning I arrived in time to take the 50/50 Group Fitness class that I hadn't attended in oh, I don't know, maybe 18 or so weeks?  It might have actually been longer.  Who knows.  The check-in girl at the child care center did her standard 'and where will you be today?' what would they do if I said Panera, or Target?  I waivered a bit, but finally slipped out a 'studio 2'.

I figured I'd get up there and tell the instructor I was pregnant, but of course this weekend it was a sub, so I chickened out.  And from there, to me, it just got interesting.  The class starts with 30 minutes of cardio, which equals lots of stepping and jumping up and down.  And, um, jumping up and down?  Makes a pregnant chick feel like she needs to pee like crazy.  So there was that.  Thankfully we moved on from a ton of jumping to, what would you call it, kick boxing?  There wasn't really kicking, just a lot of punching, I'm not sure what to call it.  But that honestly was perfect.  I could slow my feet down if I needed to and still keep up with the punching.

The second hardest part during the cardio (ok maybe third, besides trying not to die or pee of course) was watching myself in the mirror.  I would still say unless I'm wearing the perfect outfit, to any stranger I don't look pregnant.  Even to myself in this class I didn't look pregnant, just way out of shape.  So being surrounded by mirrors was a little disheartening.  I really wanted one of those shirts that say 'I'm not fat, just pregnant' or something.  Thankfully by the strength portion I was over it and concentrating more on not falling over than anything.  Seriously, I can run 8+ miles, but this class ALWAYS kicks my butt.  Pregnant or not.

Unfortunately the class ended with an abs section (duh).  I tried to attempt, but we were laying on our backs with bands strung under the bench and around our feet doing things with our legs.  It was putting so much pressure on my lower abdomen and I just couldn't hang.  It was really uncomfortable, plus I'm not really sure at what point I shouldn't be flat on my back, especially doing abs.  Anyone know the recommendation for that?  I probably should have looked it up by now.  Anyway, so I skipped out (not literally skipping, although I'm sure that would have been cute) before class was over.  My arms and back?  SO FREAKING SORE.  I'm assuming from all the punches.  But I love it.  Feels good to actually have some sore muscles again!

Then we move onto yesterday.  I survived another longish run on the treadmill, and in good time I might add :o).  The day didn't start off so well.  Ryann has been incredibly slow about getting out of the house the last few days.  She um, won't shut up long enough to do what I tell her.  Seriously, that kid never stops talking, and she always has her own agenda.  Nonetheless I was incredibly frustrated and considered dropping her at the gym and not picking her up.  But eventually we made it.  This week my goal was simply six miles, since I had made it over 8 last week.  But with the mood I was in I didn't think it was going to happen.  Not only was I annoyed with Ryann, but also the fact that Chris is on day whoknowswhat without a full day off, and it was a beautiful 50 something degrees at 8:30 in the morning and I was stuck on the stupid treadmill.

Enter J-Lo.  On the TV of course.  Both last week and this week Dance Again has come on about midway through my run, right about the time that I really just want to say screw it and give up.

That is the song that my group danced to at our alumni dance reunion, so it brings back some good memories, and it really pumped me up.  This week it seriously did it's job, I cranked the speed way up (ok to between a 9:30 and 9:40 pace, whatever, fast for me right now!) and finished the last 3.2 miles of my run at roughly a 9:35 pace, making my pace for the entire 6.3 miles a 9:59 pace.  YES.  A 10k for a pregnant me at just barely under a 10 minute mile pace.  I will absolutely take it.  I walk/jogged another .35 for a total of 6.65 miles for the day.

My legs?  They didn't exactly appreciate my 'speedy' run quite as much as my brain did.  But I think my brain needed it more.  My right hip is giving me the middle finger and my hamstrings are tight but I honestly don't care.  I might tomorrow when I shoot for another 4.5 miles on the treadmill, but then I should hopefully get 3-4 runs OUTSIDE in a row, so whatever.

The other thing getting me through yesterday were photos from Amber's instagram feed.  She was throwing up shots from the marathon she was running, and I attempted to imagine I was running with her, cheering her on.  Hopefully she writes a post about it and links up!  Strong work Amber, so happy for you!


I'm hoping to tackle nine miles outside next weekend.  I'm definitely nervous about how it will go, wish me luck!  And please please please link up any health and fitness related posts below.  I'd love to read them!  Make sure to link back to here so other people can join in on the fun.


Katie said...

I'm a long time reader but haven't ever commented. I'm pregnant with my first and my trainer mentioned we would stop doing any ab exercises on my back after 16 weeks. Hope that helps!

Megan said...

I also hated that when I would go to workout classes and I just looked chunky!! I remember once everyone in the class realized that I was pregnant their faces looked so surprised!! Keep it up girl! You are doing awesome!!

Amber said...

Haha, today I can't move either. Well, that's not true, I was up and moving all day long. But I didn't want to be.

I wrote a recap. It was an AMAZING experience. And I felt you (and everyone else that was texting and messaging) there with me. I would recommend you try it some day, I think you would love the challenge!

Jenny said...

That class is seriously a killer!! Probably why I haven't been since maybe April....