September 11, 2012

this and that

::  Thursday morning we were out of diapers (because not buying diapers until I absolutely need them is just my thing...), so I told Ryann we didn't have anymore and she needed to be a big girl and wear underwear.  And um, she did.  And we went to the park, and we ran a couple of errands, and played around the house, and she didn't freaking pee on the floor.  I put a diaper on her at nap (ok I had one in the diaper bag) but beyond that she was in underwear all day.  So why was it when we actually tried to potty train her she peed on the floor four times in an hour?

The minor dilemma is that she can't actually go to the bathroom by herself.  She gets frustrated with her pants and she can't reach the sink.  So for now I'm putting her in a pull-up at the gym because they will not assist in the bathroom, and if she knows she can get me to come back if she tells them she needs to pee she will do it a million times.  Not sure how we'll deal with that situation, but whatever.  We've gone two days without diapers (with only two accidents).  She isn't telling me she needs to go (unless she needs to poop of course), but she is making it one to two hours without having an accident and just goes when it is opportune.  I hope this sticks.  That would be awesome.

::  We're supposed to get our house painted this week (there is a slight chance for rain, not sure what that will do to it).  Maybe we should decide for sure on colors...

::  I'd be ok if it did rain some, seeing as we had our yard seeded yesterday.  Not sure if I've mentioned it, but we had some foundation work done this summer and they absolutely DESTROYED our yard with their machinery.  It was insane.  So woot to hopefully having a yard again in a month or so.  The really crappy part?  I'm playing move the sprinkler all freaking day.  The guy suggested we water the entire yard 2-3 times a day for 30-45 minutes.  I have to put the hose in at least two spots to cover the front yard, and I honestly haven't figured out how many in the back, at least four.  So yes, this is so much fun.  This grass better grow.

::  You know what happens when you plan a bunch of home improvement projects?  Stupid things happen.  Like your fridge breaks.  A guy came out to look at it today, and it actually happens to be a part in the freezer (which is nice and cold) that isn't working.  So in order to fix the fridge we need to turn the freezer off for two days so it will defrost and he can put in a new part.  You see where I'm going here?  We have already lost all the food in our fridge, except some milk and a few things we could fit in the beer fridge in the family room.  And now we might lose a lot of the food in our freezer.  Fun freaking stuff happening over here.  I guess the only benefit is that I just made my giant 'to do and clean before baby' list, and take everything out of the fridge and freezer and clean them is on there.  Just not exactly how I wanted to go about doing it.

::  Alright, that is enough rambling, I have a million things I should be doing.  I'll just leave you with a picture of my little miss sassy pants.  This girl.  I'm pretty sure she is out to kill me.  First with being the most annoying, stubborn and defiant child on the planet, and then by following that with being the cutest little human I have ever seen.  Thank God for the latter because there are moments I am definitely searching for the return policy...


::  Oh wait!  A quick thank you for all of your input on our sleep issues as well as the whole kid won't eat anything issues over on the facebook page.  They are much appreciated.  We are taking things slow, and I plan to talk all of our concerns over with the pediatrician at our appointment this month, but for now we are trying to limit naps to 90 minutes, and if she doesn't eat what I serve her, she doesn't eat.  Last week Ryann did go to bed one night without eating anything for dinner, and we all survived.  She didn't ask for anything else that night, nor did she wake up earlier than usual, or fuss at all really.  So maybe she just plain wasn't hungry.

Have a good one!


Lindsay said...

Mama's of annoying, stubborn, and defiant children UNITE! What is it with these crazy kids? I've yet to find Presley's return policy..but I've heard that Belk will take anything back these days!

Not really...but seriously.

The "L" in ELF said...

Ugh, Thad does that with eating too! I think in the last three nights he's eaten maybe three or four bites of dinner total. It's such a waste of food sometimes. We've always just let him eat if he wants, not if he doesn't. Once in awhile he's want something else, but he doesn't get anything unless he eats some of his dinner. It sucks, but I won't prepare 15 meals every night just to make him happy (and yes, that sounds terrible, but oh well...whatever). He does sometimes wake up a lot hungrier, but he's always been a big morning eater and not so much at night. I can't limit snacks since he's with my hubs' aunt all day at daycare, but I can when I pick him up. Good luck with it!

p.s. These two should probably never meet because she sounds just like Thaddeus! We'd have a handful to deal with! ;)

Meredith said...

You are way more on top of it than I am--I'm just NOW finishing up writing the "To Do Before Baby" list...and that's just WRITING it, lol!