September 24, 2012

counting down...

In case you missed it, we found out yesterday that Ryann was right.  She is getting a baby sister!  More on that tomorrow :o).

So, um, running?  It is getting harder, QUICKLY.

Well, ok. Surprisingly the running isn't actually that much tougher (still tough, just not too bad).  It is the after that is horrible.  Saturday I ran nine miles, stopping only when I hit a red light.  And as long as I wasn't going up a steep incline I felt pretty good.  But I don't think it was even five minutes after I was home that the round ligament pain had me holding the walls while I was walking, and wanting to lay in the fetal position on the floor.

Stupidly I jumped in a hot shower (after pounding a giant pancake left over from Ryann & Christopher's daddy/daughter breakfast date) hoping to somehow relieve the pain, which really just made me feel like I was going to puke and pass out.  But that was my own dumb fault.

Later in the day and all day today I've been perfectly fine, but man, those couple hours right after I finish a long run are excruciating, to the point I almost don't want to do it.  BUT, I've got three more long runs, twelve more weekday runs, fifteen runs total, and then the half.  I will survive it.  Definitely counting down though.  After the half I'm pretty sure I'll limit my runs to no more than five miles.

For you other crazy runners who have done some distance in pregnancy, do you have suggestions for a running belt of some sort to help with the ligament pain?  Or any suggestions at all as my pregnancy progresses as far as running is concerned?  I don't want to give up, I want to run as long as I can, but I really don't want it to be painful either.

I still lacked in the strength department this week.  Really need to work on that.  It will be my only goal this week.  Get in TWO, yes two, strength workouts.  I'm not saying they'll be impressive, or long, but twice this week I want to make it a point to at least do some freaking push ups.

What is your goal for the week?


Link up your health and fitness related posts below!  And thanks to everyone who linked up last week.  Five is the most I've had in a while, I SERIOUSLY love reading everyone's posts, it is inspiring and encouraging.


christa said...

You amaze me that you still are running!
My goal is to keep run 3x this week (I just did a half on Saturday and am so sore) and to get to a yoga class this week.

Lindsay Pav said...

Have you considered going to a chiropractor for the RLP? I had it terribly while pregnant and ended up going to the chiro and it was heavenly, I will definitely be going throughout my entire pregnancy next time!

Crazycurls said...

Holy Cow, 9 miles?! Way to go! When I was pg with my oldest, I did prenatal yoga and loved it. It really helped with streaching and I'm sure the instructor could help you with a specific issue, like round lig pain. Something to look into?

Kelly said...

I wish I had advice. I played a three hour tennis match yesterday and now can barely walk. The dr suggested Tylenol to help soothe "down there" because I am having horrible pelvic pain. She also said LOTS of water when I'm having the round ligament pain and rest on my left side :/ not easy when we're chasing toddlers around but give it a try.

Amanda said...

I am amazed that you are able to keep running and for such a long time and distance. I had a lot of round ligament pain when I was pregnant and my doctor suggested upping my water intake with any pain and it did tend to help some! HTH.

Also, congratulations on the baby girl on the way! That is so exciting.

Amy said...

My running coach got a belt at Babies R Us and STRONGLY recommends wearing one while running pregnant.

She ran half marathons during both her pregnancies, didn't wear a belt the first one but did for the second and she said it made a HUGE difference.

She wears it after the baby is born too, right now she is 3 months post-baby and wears it when we run.

Hope this helps you out!!

Ashley | said...

My RLP really eased up around 25w. So sorry you're suffering!