September 19, 2012

project 366 {week 37}


I apologize for the lack of 'a day in the life' today.  I completely forgot that I didn't have anyone scheduled until Monday, whoops.  Then I thought maybe I'll share some of my favorite toddler products right now or something, and that obviously didn't happen.  Between some crafting some things for our gender reveal (this freaking Sunday!!!  wohoo!!), three design projects and my headaches that are back with a vengence this week, I'm not quite on my game.  Plus there is that whole being a wife and mother thing I've got to do too.  So, yeah.  You get some more pictures of my kid.  But they were coming anyway, so no difference.

Ryann's favorite thing to do right now is jump on the furniture, off the furniture, from furniture piece to furniture piece...  Pretty much anything that involves jumping and the danger of an injury (ironic since it wasn't all that long ago I thought she was behind developmentally because she couldn't jump.  i'm an idiot).  So one afternoon I made a jumping area full of pillows she could jump on.  That lasted all of about five minutes before she was trying to find furniture pieces to launch herself from.  Gah.  I tried.

Also we bedazzled a $1 microphone from Target, and Ryann puts on some pretty sweet performances now.  It is hilarious and amazing.


fifth house on the left | family blog said...

yeah, that jumping picture??? AMAZE-balls lady! Love all your shots :)

Not that my prediction means anything or if your even listening to everyone's predictions, but I vote team BLUE ;0) Poor Ryann, for her sake I vote team Pink though because I don't want her to be sad :( So I guess that makes me 50/50 and this ended up not making any sense anyway. Awesome.

Nikki said...

The bedazzled microphone is awesome!