September 18, 2012

the day daddy broke the balloon

I've been meaning to share the story for a few weeks now, but I kept forgetting (how I have no idea).  And hopefully by now Chris won't kill me for telling it, because in the long run it is hilarious.  So here we go...

A few weeks ago Chris had a weekday off, so we decided to head to the mall.  I've been wanting to get Ryann a new pair of Toms, but I wasn't sure what size to get.  We went to Nordstrom, had fun riding the elevator up to the kid's shoe department, tried on shoes (Ry is between sizes, of course), and the little lady was lucky enough to score a balloon.


Now before I go further I have to mention that Chris had recently purchased sweet tea Mio, and Ryann thought it was the most delicious stuff ever.  She managed to chug an entire kids cambelbak worth before we made it to the mall.

Anyway, we've got our balloon, and for some reason we decide we want to eat lunch at the mall, even though you know there isn't anything little miss picky will actually eat.  Not to mention Ryann was starting to get a little antsy or something.  Chris was carrying her when we went up to order our food, and during the process her diaper leaked all over him.  Fun stuff, so he put her down.  Well of course she wouldn't stay anywhere near us, and takes off running through the food court.  I'm trying to finish paying for our food, Chris is trying to catch Ryann, she is smacking him in the face with her stupid balloon, they are both covered in pee...

And then I hear the loudest most obnoxious balloon pop I have ever heard in my entire life.

Apparently Christopher got a wee bit frustrated, and in an attempt to reign Ryann in and control the situation, he um, got rid of the balloon.  Unfortunately he did so in an area that apparently could echo a whisper 1000 feet and every single head turned our direction.  Which was made even better because Ryann started screaming and crying the most terrible cry I think I have heard from her in a long long time.  The lady at the food counter thought she got hurt.

There is a bit more after that, but it isn't all that relevant.  For the next several days Ryann would randomly bring up the fact that Daddy broke her balloon.  I would send Chris tallies via text throughout the day, "it is getting better!   she has only mentioned the incident four times this afternoon!"  But now, if she is ever giving us a really really hard time, we can just ask if she remembers the day Daddy broke her balloon.  And if she wants that to happen again.  :o)

Wasn't Christopher's proudest parenting moment, but I laugh every time I think about it.  You seriously should have seen everyone's faces.

Got any great parenting stories to share? 


Michelle said...

This is hilarious! I laughed outloud! I can't wait until Scarlett is old enough to do hilarious stuff like this that my husband and I can laugh about for years to come!

Jennifer said...

Oh man.. My daughter would talk about it all day long and tell anyone who would listen!