January 14, 2013

gotta make 'em count

I'm going to keep this short and sweet, because honestly I feel like I have nothing really significant to say in the health and fitness department.  The good news?  I walked on the treadmill seven days in a row.  And my body is handling it just fine.  I've pretty much cut out any other form of cardio, but 35-45 minutes on the treadmill has got to be worth something.  The bad news?  Girl Scout cookies, Butterfinger Hearts and Mini Cadbury Eggs.  That is all.

Now I've been great with the walking, but of course I've totally slacked off with any sort of strength training.  Why I can't keep that up I have no idea.  But right now, I figure I've got to make my walks count.  So I'm looking up ways to add a little strength training to my treadmill routine (when I'm at home of course, I'm too worried about looking like a fool to do anything crazy at the gym).  I googled 'arm exercises while walking', and am going to grab a light set of hand weights the next time I hop on the treadmill.

How about you, any suggestions for getting more out of 'just a walk'?


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Ashley | LifeAsAshlet.com said...

HIIT walking? Walk fast, then slow? You can also do arm punches and light weights while walking?

Anonymous said...

You can also increase the incline...walk slower, decline the hill and walk faster.

And WHAT!?!? Mini cadberry eggs are out! I so didn't need to know this, haha!!