January 3, 2013

project 366 {week 52}


I'm done!  I'm done!  I'm done!  I made it through my entire Project 366 with only a few slip-ups.  And oh my goodness it is such a relief.  There is part of me that wants to say I'll NEVER do something like this (especially with a toddler) again, but the other part of me loves looking back through all the photos and seeing just how much Ryann has grown.  So we'll just have to see.

I like the idea of some sort of photo project, but I'm not in the mood to start one now.  I guess 2013 will be a bust in that department, but I have a feeling there won't be shortage of photos of my kiddos.  Bring on squishy baby pics!  Not to mention I'm falling in love with my new camera and lens.  What to do, what to do... 


christa said...

I love Ryann Christmas Eve dress! Are you announcing baby girl's name?

Anonymous said...

What camera and lens did you decide to go with?

Megan said...

Congrats on surviving the 366!

Ashley said...

Christa - I will be, just haven't gotten around to it yet :).

Anonymous - I'm now the proud owner of a Canon 60D and a Sigma f1.4 30mm lens. Loving them!

kyna... said...

Hooray for finishing! And I'm so glad you are loving your new camera and lens!! It's an amazing combo that 60d and the Sigma huh??

The "L" in ELF said...

Congrats for finishing! I thought it seemed like a lot of work and give you props for doing it in the first place!!!! (And then 10x as many for finishing!) I'd like to do something similar, but I'm thinking just a project 52 or something. One good photo a week, but I feel like I need a theme or something to work off of....mmmmm.....better get to thinking!

Amber said...

Congrats on finishing the project 366! Interesting you say you have the 60D because Ive been trying to decide between the Rebel t4i and 60D. The only reason I havent jumped on board with the 60d is the manual focus on the video. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Have learned many great things about photography from you!