January 18, 2013

thirty-five weeks


written January 17th

Dear hormones.  You suck.  You are making me a crazy person.  That is all. 

how far along:  35 weeks (compare to 35 weeks with Ryann)

size of babyaccording to the bump a coconut, between 17.2-18.7 inches long and weighing somewhere between 4.2-5.8 pounds.  Little Miss should have her hearing all developed by now.  And if you're curious?  My uterus is apparently 1000 times its original size.  That is just messed up.

weight gain:  20 pounds.  Yikes, 1.4 pounds gained in the last week.  I should be able to stay under the 25 pounds mark if someone could please oh please help make the Girl Scout cookies disappear from my cabinet, and tell my husband not to bring me home anymore cheesecake :o).

maternity clothes:  Yes.  And even though I barely have a month left to go, I ended up getting a few new tops, because I needed more tunic length ones to cover my bum.  Seeing as I nearly refuse to wear jeans anymore.  The tops I got are from Shade Clothing, and it only set me back $35 for the three I picked out, so not too shabby.

symptoms:  Some braxton hicks here and there.  Not too many.  And just being freaking uncomfortable.  And tired.  You know.  The whole pregnancy thing.  I think it is funny, if my body felt like this on a normal basis (like my pelvis is going to fall apart and such) I would assume something was really wrong.  But nah.  Just pregnant.

exercise:  Six walking workouts totaling 13.5 miles.  I did throw in some arm weights on one of those days while I was walking.  But um, my ceiling in my basement is really low and I kept punching it while trying to do overhead stuff.  Whoops.

cravings/aversions:  Soups, salads, sweets and STRAWBERRIES (apparently only things that start with S?).  I can't get enough strawberries right now.  I think I've eaten a couple pounds over the last week.  I would say it is better than chocolate, but um, I've had plenty of that too.  Whoops!

movement:  She is still crazy.  I'm waiting for that 'she'll run out of room and not move as much' thing to kick in.  Also, I'm hoping she has her hands by her face (kinda, but I don't want her to try and come out like that), because sometimes I get all sorts of crazy movement way down low.  So if it isn't her arms, this kid has a really big head.  I don't want to deal with a really big head...

sleep:  This week has definitely been better in the sleep department.  Only two nights were really rough, one because I was dreaming about the stupid nursery :o) and was up on pinterest for two hours at 3 am for no good reason.  Another night I woke up at 4:30am to pee and just couldn't get back to sleep.  In general I am up at least once a night to go to the bathroom.

gender:  Girl.

looking forward to:  Getting the dresser painted and the bathroom being done so I can spend a couple of weeks seriously nesting.  Nesting makes me happy!

worries:  That this little one will have a giant head.  And that she will come earlier than I'd like.  I need four more weeks to get stuff done girl.  You hear me?

what's different this time:  Hmm.  Not sure.  I think last time I was more anxiously excited for Ryann's arrival.  I've been feeling a little guilty that I'm a little apprehensive about this girlie making her entrance, but more than one person has pointed out that I know what I'm getting myself into.  Of course I want to meet our little girl, see what she looks like, discover her personality, snuggle a newborn.  But at the same time, I know all about the sleep deprivation, all the diapers, the worrying, etc.  So really I'm in no hurry for her to be here, other than the fact that I'm tired of being pregnant.

milestones:  technically this is my 35/35.  35 weeks pregnant, 35 days until my due date.  But since I am 95% sure she is coming 6 days early, it is really 35/29 :o).

best moment this week:  Christopher having three days off work in a row, and having some maternity pictures taken by the lovely Adrienne Maples.  Can't wait to see them!


Cari Mooneyham said...

You make me laugh. And you're awesome at putting into words exactly what I'm feeling too. Hormones are making me a crazy person too. And your symptoms section? "Nah, just pregnant." Lol!! And your nursery, by the way, looks like it's going to be amazing. Can't wait to see the final product :)

Meaghan said...

Getting so close-- and exciting!! Excited to share in some of those sweet cravings tonight :) I've never heard of 35/35. But that's just crazy--35 days???????

WinterBenson said...

I have seen a uterus after a hysterectomy. I was shocked, but yes, its likely 1000 times its original size!

Megan said...

You are so gorgeous, and how exciting to be getting so close! Also? Strawberries sound DELICIOUS! Yum.