January 15, 2013

this and that

::  Recently I received a comment that mentioned she was unable to pin any images from my blog.  I'd noticed that nothing had been pinned lately, and a lot of the pins that were previously on pinterest had disappeared, but didn't do anything about it of course.  Well after the reader comment I finally decided to look into it.  Thanks to this post by the Unskinny Boppy I confirmed that the issue was with Flickr, and was able to change some settings around to make it possible to pin images from my blog.  I'm still keeping most family pictures and pictures of Ryann set to private, simply because there is no need for those images to be pinned.  But party images, recipes and room images should be available to be pinned.  Not that there is a ton of content on my blog that someone would want to pin, but just in case!

::  Tomorrow is the last 'day in the life' post I have scheduled to run.  If you are interested in being a part of the series please leave your blog name, blog address and e-mail address in the comments section of this post and I will set up a new schedule.  If there is a month or week or something that would be really bad timing for you please leave that info too so I can do my best to make a schedule that works for everyone.  Thanks so much to all the mamas who have participated in the series over the last two years.  I know there are tons of ladies out there who love reading the posts!

::  I pretty much hate winter.  I don't like snow.  I don't like being cold.  Winter can just go away.

::  I really want to get my craft on, and I'm sure there is something I want to make for the nursery, but I just can't decide what to do.  I'm thinking maybe something like this or this, or maybe this. I wish I wasn't so indecisive about what I wanted on the walls and such.  And I seriously can't wait for this stupid bathroom business to be over with (which should be soon, so I shouldn't complain...) so that I can start really putting the nursery together and finishing up my cleaning and organizing and such.  My mom brought me the rug and the crib skirt on Thursday, and my crib sheets and changing pad covers came in the mail over the weekend.  Just need to get some furniture painted, and uh, get the toilet and such out of there and we will be in business.  I can't wait!

::  This is her thinking face.  No joke.  When she has to ponder something that little finger goes to her mouth and it is too freaking cute.


::  And in regards to pictures of my kiddo?  I have been TERRIBLE about picking up my camera, big or iphone.  The whole photo a day project really wore me out, but I know I need to make more opportunities to take photos.  And find the art of photography again.  Rather than just snapshots.  I want beautiful photos, and I'm going to have to work for them!

That is about all I can ramble about right now.  No, you can never get those minutes of your life back.  Sorry :o).


Anonymous said...

Sorry I've been MIA from the Move it Monday's posts...but I just haven't been moving. I promise I'll post and link-up next week!

I'd love to participate in a day-in-the-life posting. I blog at Optimistic Musings of a Pessimist (http://optimisticmusings.wordpress.com/) and my e-mails is optimisticmusings {at} gmail.com

Gia said...

I would love to participate again in A Day in the Life!!
giamynia {at}gmail.com and

Frannie Uitto said...

I doubt I am that interesting, but I have learned so much from these posts and also found comfort in realizing others lives are just as hectic as mine are that I'd love to participate!
Catching Up With The Uittos

Amanda said...

I have participated before, but I would love to do another if you will have me!

The Williams Farm

PS, that picture of Ryann is adorable!

Alisha Jo said...

I would be interested in doing it. I've never participated but I've read your blog for a while and really enjoy reading what other moms do! I have twin girls that are almost 9 months so we definitely have interesting days :)

Blog: 2 Aeschs

Caits said...

Oh I love day in the life! Can I play too?


Megan said...

Seriously, your little girl gives me a case of baby girl fever!!! She is the sweetest.

Justine said...

Since I quietly but not creepily stalk your blog and these posts, I'd be willing to do one, though I'm not too exciting :) I blog at youresomartha.com. Youresomartha@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I'd love to participate! Day in the Life posts have always been some of my favorites on your blog!

Blog: Stories from Austin
Email: laurahchism@gmail.com

Nicole said...

I would love to participate in he day in your life posts.

Blog: Chappell of Love
Email: nchappell15@yahoo.com
URL: http://chappelloflove.blogspot.com/

I love to read others so I can't wait if you will have me!

maria said...

Hi Ashley!

I've been following your blog for a while now and I really love it!

I'd be honored to participate in the day in your life post!

My blog: michaandme.blogspot.com
My email: maria.nap.plug@gmail.com

Heather said...

I'd participate in day in a life!
blog name: Hold My Heart
address: holdmyheartjesus.blogspot.com
email: htalladay@gmail.com

Crazycurls said...

I have found so many new blogs to follow through your Day In The Life series, I would love to participate!

Blog: Life With Crazycurls
Email: lifewithcrazycurls@gmail.com

I would not be able to participate until after the first week of February, if that's okay.

Allie said...

I'd like to participate! I blog at: iwasafatbride.blogspot.com alliemarshall627{at}Yahoo.com

Julie S. said...

I would love to participate-- not right away, but I will have more free time in the coming weeks! www.back2basicsblog.com--julie.sancken@gmail.com