January 8, 2013

that's what she said

Me:  to my mom on the phone "If these cats don't stop meowing at me I'm going to throw them outside."
Ryann:  "That isn't nice mommy."
Me:  "What?  Oh right, it's not.  We don't throw."
Ryann:  "You should place the cats gently outside."

Ryann:  singing "Hark the herald angels sing...... God and gingers reconciled!"
no one get offended, if you don't remember, she calls gingerbread people 'gingers'

Ryann:  "Mommy if I eat all my lunch I'll get big and giant and can cover all the couch like you!"

Ryann:  "My belly tooted!"
Me:  "Your belly tooted?  What does that mean?"
Ryann:  "My belly TOOTED!  It was awesome and crazy."

Ryann:  "ALRIGHT.  Let me tell you what we're gonna do."

Me or anyone else:  "Thank you!"
Ryann:  "Oh!  You're totally welcome!"



Jenny said...

Ruby's Christmas pajamas this year had gingerbread men on them, and I instantly took to calling them her "gingers" without even thinking about it. After several times, I realized it was because of Ryann's gingers last year! =)

Caitlin MidAtlantic said...

Laura calls them "gingermen," which I love! Gingers is good too. Ryann is just so adorable!