January 20, 2013

week in iphone pics

When I got really in to instagram, and got kind of lazy (and pregnant) I stopped posting my phone pictures to the blog.  I feel silly posting them, because I know several of you have already seen them on instagram.  But at the same time, I decided I liked the little weekly recap being posted here.  You know, for memory's sake if I ever get around to getting blog books printed.  So I'm going to try and make myself put together a post weekly.  Which leads me to our week...


Ryann and I are quite the combo sometimes.  I was freezing, she was pantless.  Figures.  Snuggle and story time with daddy.  A beautiful sunset over my happy place.  Second day flat iron curls.  Freshly cleaned and organized bathroom shelves (nesting!).  Snoogle thief #1.  Snoogle thief #2.  Always coloring.  Creepy cat.  thirty-five weeks.  Post long nap grogginess.  Fun at Monkey Bizness.  Fro-yo date with the bestie.  My husband is awesome.  Beautiful weather = a bike ride and a park trip.

And something I wanted to note about this week... Thursday was a really tough day on the parenting front.  We were late getting out the door, Ryann was being a punk, the usual.  After the gym we packed up and headed to gymnastics, which had gone exceptionally well the previous two weeks.  This week?  Not so much.  Ryann was not listening to her teacher, AT ALL.  And climbing on top of things that probably weren't safe for her to be climbing on and such.  She got sent out of class once and was told to come back when she was ready to listen.  We had a little talk.  She went back in.  And still didn't listen.  So I went in, pulled her out of class, and dragged her out of the building screaming and crying.

It was so hard, but I know it wasn't fair to the other teachers or kids to have her in there distracting them (for the record, she wasn't the only kid who had to leave class that day.  one of those days I guess).  Her sobs were heartbreaking, I was trying not to cry along with her as she pleaded with me, "I promise I'll listen.  Please mommy.  PLEASE MOMMY.  Please don't take me home.  I love gymnastics.  I'll listen.  I will.  PLEASE!"  She was pretty upset until naptime.  I hated making her cry, but I know at some point I have to enforce some consequences.  Yes she is only two (well almost three), but she has the capacity to listen to directions and follow rules.

I'm hoping next week goes better.  Because when she pays attention and really tries, she is great at the little skills.  And she loves it.  Yes, I think they are expecting a bit much out of some toddlers as far as the ability to concentrate, and part of me wants to check out another place to see how they structure their toddler class.  But still...  Tough stuff.


Meaghan said...

You're doing great. Ryann will appreciate you showing her the importance of listening at such a young age. Good going and way to stay strong! I can't imagine... :) I'm sure someday I'll be calling you for advice like.... oh, every day.

Laura said...

Good for you for sticking to your guns. Start young. I did not start young enough with my oldest, and thankfully we do not have to do much as far as discipline, but with my middle child? We started young...because she needed it. My second daughter is a pistol! :) I know the feeling of wanting to cry when that happens. That happened this week to me...its heartbreaking but neccessary.