January 21, 2013

looking ahead

Another mundane week in my fitness department.  Just some walking.  But six days worth of walking isn't too shabby when occasionally you feel like an elephant.  On a particularly grumpy day I wanted to run SO badly, so I attempted to throw in a couple jogging intervals.  Hahaha... it wasn't miserable, but it felt pretty weird.  And I think I looked a little ridiculous too.  Not to mention I think it stresses some of the people out at the gym to see a very pregnant girl trying to run.  What do you think would happen if my water broke on the treadmill?  That would be, um, interesting.

As I near the end of my pregnancy, I'm starting to really look forward to getting my body back and getting back into running.  Obviously I have no idea how it will really go, or how soon I'll be able to do this or that, but I'm trying to formulate some sort of a plan.  My fingers are crossed that my delivery goes as smoothly as it did with Ryann.  Her 9th percentile head did minimal damage, and honestly after a few days I felt pretty normal.  Of course my body was still healing, and yes, I'll have to give myself more than a few days, but I'm hoping that having a plan will encourage me to get moving as soon as it is acceptable.

I plan on talking to my OB, and seeing what her recommendations are on exercise after birth.  Again, much if it will relate to how the delivery goes, but if she is willing I'm hoping I can schedule my post partum visit for the 4-5 week mark, and maybe get the ok to start the C25K program.  I'm banking on hopefully being able to start doing some walking (nothing too strenuous of course!) around the 2 week mark, and then the first couple of weeks of the C25K don't involve too much running.

I know it will take me a bit to get back to where I was speed wise.  I have no idea how nursing will affect running should it work out.  I have no clue how sleep deprivation will play a role.  But I figure having a plan in the back of my mind will be motivating.  The Mother's Day Run that I have participated in the last two years (here and here) is May 12th.  Since it was my first 5k and then my fastest 5k, I figured it would be a great one to plan as my first post baby race.  What a great way to celebrate getting in shape after the birth of my second babe, right?  I think so.  Fingers crossed it works out for me.

I'm planning to pause (there has got to be a better word for that) my gym membership starting in February, until probably June 1st.  So I'm going to have to figure out scheduling all on my own for a bit.  Should be interesting!  I'd love to hear from other mamas.  How soon did you get back into working out?  Does nursing affect exercise?  When the heck do you work out?  Any other tips for me?  Share your wealth of knowledge!


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ashley said...

I didn't start any exercising til the 6 week mark as recommended by my midwife. You really need that time to heal your uterus so there isn't any internal tearing. I workout at 430am. Grace sleeps from 10 to 4, wakes up to nurse and then goes back to sleep. So after nursing I workout. I wouldn't say nursing effects working out but rather working out effects nursing. If can cause a dip in milk if you don't keep your calories and water consumption up. I would say I drink about 150 oz of water on average and eat 2000+ calories. Don't worry about calories, cutting back etc. You need to fuel your body and your baby's. The baby weight will drop off. And keep taking your prenatals. And get a Great sports bra. Feed or pump before you workout so there's minimal leaking! Good luck!


Amber said...

I definitely did not do strenuous workouts when either of my kids were small. However, I was out walking just before I gave birth both times and returned to walking directly there after. (Think the afternoon we were released from the hospital). But we had a dog that needed to be walked and I liked the fresh air and the break from the baby.

My midwife supported the walking but I can't say she would have supported running or anything else strenuous before four weeks, which was when I started doing park walks regularly after my son.

Now I have to work out early to get it in with two kids and my busy schedule. I would definitely turn to your treadmill at home as much as you can because you can put the baby in the swing and give Ryanne something to do. IMO it's good for the kids to see you exercise. As they get older they will do better at respecting that time (My kids LOVE to go to the gym!). You'll figure it out :)

Crazycurls said...

I do wonder if working out had a part of my son weaning off at about 6 months. As much as I missed the snuggle time I was ok switching to formula because it was helping me get healthy not only physically but also mentally which in turn helped me be a better mother.

Kristal said...

For working out, I started at 6w post partum and I just picked up where I'd left off when I was pg. Since I'd dialed down quite a bit by the time I gave birth, I felt comfortable picking back up there and that seemed to work well.

Also this is only my personal experience but working out does not affect my supply. That is not everyone's experience, but it has been mine.

Jessica said...

Sorry - I submitted the wrong URL the first time for the linky share so I submitted twice!

But also wanted to tell you that I think you're amazing!! The fact that you're even attempting to jog is mind blowing. My husband called me Frankenstein when I was pregnant because I resembled a mummy in a low budget horror flick based on the speed I was going.

You're awesome!