January 28, 2013

what are your favorites?

Still not much to discuss on the workout front for me.  I toyed with not posting a link-up for the next few weeks, but I love reading all of your updates and stories too much to do that.  So you just get some lack luster posts from me until I have something better to discuss, like how the baby weight loss is going or something, mmmkay?

Oh, just wanted to throw this out there... in January I've covered 47 miles walking (and a wee bit of 'wogging', something between walking and jogging :o).  Not too shabby for 8 months pregnant, right?  During my pregnancy, with all exercise activity included, I've covered 660 miles.  I'll take it!  So so SO much different than when I was pregnant with Ryann, where my only form of exercise consisted of chasing after toddlers at work.  Now next time around (if there is a next time around), I just need to maintain the cardio with strength training!

Now I know we've kind of discussed things of this nature, but can you share your favorites?  I want to hear about your favorite workout gear, workout videos, quick and healthy recipes, recipes great to have on hand for lunches, etc.  The workout gear because I think once my body can squeeze into it, a new top or something might be a great workout motivator.  Videos because I'm going to have to find new ways and times to get my exercise in.  And healthy recipes, especially for lunches, because I need to be prepared so I don't just eat junk while trying to take care of the new babe and the toddler.  So, hit me with your best... stuff :o).


Link up your health and fitness related posts below!  And a little reminder about linking up.  Please link up to a specific post, not just your blog in general.  Also, please link back to me (either by grabbing the button in the sidebar, or with a text link), so that other people can play along and get motivated as well.  I try not to be too pick about this stuff, but at some point I might just start deleting links if you don't follow the rules.  Come on people.  There are only two!

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Amanda said...

I know I've posted this many times before, but my absolute favorite fitness tool is my iPhone. I use several fitness apps and it has been so instrumental in my weight loss journey.

As far as gear goes... you should try some cute headbands... they will probably make you feel stylish and cute and on the plus side, they should fit you now and when you lose all of your baby weight! I am still trying to find the one that works for me, but it's an easy way to "glam up" your workout gear.

PS. I am linking up soon, the flu has struck our house and I have a very sick little princess on my hands :(