September 28, 2011

a day in the life - gia

Good morning intrawebs.  I've got nothing clever to say this morning (do I ever?), so I'll just let Gia do that talking.  I hope you enjoy a day in her life!


Hi everyone! I am Gia from A Life in Progress and I am so excited to be participating in Ashley’s a Day in the Life series!! I am a full-time, working mommy. I try and juggle teaching high school English, advising our Drama Club, and being a wife and mommy to our almost ten-month old baby boy and 13-year old stepdaughter who is in the 8th grade. Here is a peak into my chaotic life  (and I apologize for lack of morning pictures; clearly, taking pictures at 7 AM was NOT on my mind).

5:15 AM (on a normal day): The coffee starts to drip and I begin to smell the wonderful aroma. On this particular Monday, I forgot to set up the automatic brew. Which SUCKS.

5:30-5:50 AM: I repeatedly hit snooze and then get up in a panic, realizing I have overslept. Ugh. Shower, brush teeth, stand in front of closet. Wake up Alexys, who ALSO slept through her alarm. Stand in front of closet. Get angry that C has time to eat breakfast. Dump 3 clean and folded baskets of laundry on my bed, finally find a skirt and shirt to wear, iron aforementioned shirt and skirt. Blow-dry hair and do crappy job of straightening my hair.

6:30 AM: C gets up Logan, who seems to have a cough and the sniffles. Awesome. Load up the car with my school bag, drama bag, purse, my lunch and Logan’s lunch. Also have a Thirty-One delivery for a friend at work. Lots of bags to load up. Realize I have not eaten breakfast and that I am starving.

6:48: In car with Logan and head to babysitter’s, but first, a stop at the ‘Bucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte and an oatmeal. God Bless the PSL.

7:05: Drop Logan off at babysitter's house and feel bad because he is snuggly and clearly is out of sorts. Head to school.

7:15-7:40: Arrive at school and get ready for my day. This includes checking attendance and my email, eating my oatmeal, making sure all my copies are ready for the day. And wasting time by talking to other teachers (hey, this is all about honesty, right? We our the biggest gossips)

7:40-2:35 PM: School day! Lunch in here somewhere and grading on my free period. I teach 9th, 10th (American Lit), and 11th (Brit Lit) grade English and I tutor as an extra assignment, so I am always trying to squeeze in stuff during any spare minute.

2:35: Department meeting (lame). Today is C's day to pick up Logan from the sitter's house because I have a meeting and then rehearsal for our fall production, Noises Off. This is my last year and we are doing this and Chicago in the spring. They are the two productions I have ALWAYS wanted to do.

5:00: Run to my parents' to pick up some leftovers for dinner (my SIL's baby shower was yesterday) and stop for lunch meat at the local deli for the week.

5:45: Dinner! It is so important for us to eat dinner as a family as often as possible. It is our time to catch up on our day and lives and just spend some technology-free time together. Then playtime with Logan. He is in a relatively good mood (for the most part)

Who needs a toy when you have Mom's spatula?

7-7:15: Tonight is a non-bath night (he gets a bath every-other night), so C changes Logan into his jammies while I clean the kitchen and clean up Logan's toys (which are everywhere). He gets his bottle, I attempt to read him a book then bedtime. He is exhausted and falls asleep right away.

Is it bedtime for Ozzie too?
Goodnight Moon...

7:15-10 PM: School work/Thirty-One orders/or sit on my butt and watch bad television because I am too tired to think today. Pack my lunch and Logan's lunch and prep all the bags I need to load up in the morning. Make sure my coffee delay brew is set and head to bed. I TRY to be in bed no later than 10:30 every night.

And now for Ashley's famous questions:

1. What is the most surprising thing about being a mom?
Honestly, I just didn't get how much you could love another human being. I love Logan with every fiber of my being and realize now that I would do ANYTHING to protect him. His smile lights up my life and he truly is the very best part of me. And the fact that sometimes I think I COULD be a SAHM really astounds me because I never thought I could.

2. What advice would you give new or soon-to-be moms?
Be the kind of mom YOU want to be. Don't let anyone else pressure you into doing something you don't want to do or parent in a way you don't feel is right. We make the choices that are right for our family. And sometimes, what is right for us is not right for others. And that is a-okay.

3. What are your top three baby products? (I love this question and seeing what other mommies love!)
-Bouncy/vibrating seat. OMG we would have been lost without this. Until recently, Logan was taking his bottle in it because he refused to be held while eating. I am fairly certain he was past the weight limit, if there was one.
-Footie jammies. Because Logan was a December baby and well, they are damn cute.
-The Bundle-Me. It made life so much easier during the cold months without having to stuff the little man into a snowsuit or puffy jacket.

Thanks so much for letting me share my day with you!!


Thank you, Gia, for letting us peek at your day!

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