September 6, 2011

week in iphone pics

Whew!  The last couple of weeks have been fairly busy.  I still feel super behind.  But thankfully we don't have plans to go anywhere for the next few weekends, so hopefully I can get 'caught up' (is anyone ever really caught up?).


A three hour drive home at not naptime = me getting attacked by the sticker monster.  The sticker monster did eventually fall asleep, after a pit stop at grammy's house for lunch.  By late afternoon everyone was exhuasted, but happy to be home!  When you have bug bites on your legs, but have spit milk on half of your pajama shirts and its too hot for sleepers, you might end up wearing something ridiculous like this.  And trying to plank in your sleep.


It was a nice morning for a trip to the park.  The wee one got a little hungry while we were cooking dinner, and managed to eat an entire banana.  I was tired and a little grumpy, so I ate a bowl of frozen yogurt in bed.


Woot woot!  Got my hair did.  While browsing celebrity gossip magazines (how did I not know Hilary Duff was married, AND PREGNANT?) I decided to get some bangs.  Whoa craziness.  Some playtime in mommy and daddy's bed.  Ryann is getting pretty good at this laundry thing, I see chores in the future :o).


Ryann asked for pancakes for breakfast.  I decided to try making her some whole wheat yogurt ones... I'm not a pancake maker.  OBVIOUSLY.  Thankfully she still loves them, and has requested them for breakfast almost everyday.  Later we had a little band in the kitchen, and I wrote out a pretty ambitious to-do list.


Ryann surprised me by sleeping in, even when I decided to get up and take a shower, put on make-up and blow dry my hair, all before she was awake!!!!  I need to-do some work on what to pack her for lunch.  Peanut butter toast, watermelon, bell peppers (which she didn't eat of course) and pretzel fish, eh, oh well.  Thankfully she was still in a good mood after mother's day out where she didn't really take a nap.  When she is thinking really hard her tongue hangs out, just like her daddy.  Ry is becoming quite the little artist.


A bathroom photo shoot before heading off to the gym.  I was so so so SORE from Wednesday's workout, that I had to throw in some walking during my run, but still managed a 10:30 mile pace.  Ryann was a huge help while packing up to go to grammy's.  She was super tired, and slept in the car for a long time after we made it to our destination.  And just a little shirtless snack time.  Always cute.


Just being cute during a morning walk with grammy and auntie Donna.  She had to watch all the action going on outside while she ate her lunch.  Ryann loves this blue exercise ball at my parents.  And um, we're crazy.  That is all.

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Mrs. MidAtlantic said...

Oh pancakes, the food of the toddler gods! I make A BUNCH over the weekend, then throw leftovers in the freezer. They reheat very nicely in the microwave or toaster during the week! Pumpkin pancakes (just add canned pumpkin to your batter) are also really delicious!

Whitney said...

That hair looks smokin' hot on you! Bangs were a great idea.

Also, please add "Visit Whit in Philly" to that list. Thank you. :)

Erin said...

I think your little girl is a legit toddler now. Next stop, prom.

Are you still doing "A Day in the Life" posts? Sign me up. My days mostly involve me trying to convince my 1 1/2 year old to stop eating and my 3 1/2 year old to eat something for goodness sakes. Get excited.

Kate said...

Love this! I so need to document a day in the life with my daughter... if you are looking for a mom, shoot me an email! klhagen.23 (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Just a quick question...what brand of fro yo do you buy?

Lovely Little Nest said...

whew you certainly were busy! glad you had such a fun and eventful week! :)