September 29, 2011

embrace the camera

My mom spoils us way too much when we stay with her.  (I'm not complaining mom!)  Seriously.  And oh my goodness, this time Ryann was 100% obsessed with her grammy, well and her papa, but mostly her grammy.  I wasn't allowed to help her with dinner, "grammy do it."  I wasn't allowed to hold her, "grammy carry you (she has not gotten the concept of me vs. you, when to use which one anyway)."  If my mom would leave the room Ryann was in tears.  Oh boy.  Anyway, here is photo dump from our week hanging out with my parents!

I think my dad had already left for work, or something, actually I have no idea.  But she was calling papa.  She is almost ALWAYS calling papa.


One day we visited the Children's Discovery Center.  It was AWESOME.  There was barely anyone else there, so Ryann could roam without getting trampled.  She loved painting and the rice table, I'm not surprised.




One morning we ventured to the zoo.  Definitely not as cool as the Omaha or Kansas City Zoos, but we still got to see some animals.  Ryann was obsessed with the gorilla this time.  We had to go back and see it again :).  We also fed a llama, a goat and a sheepy, another highlight of the day.


During a little adventure to the dollar store (you can find some pretty sweet stuff there!) we grabbed some more bubbles.  The evening weather was perfect to spend some time chasing giant bubbles outside.


Now I'm back home (I drove Ryann to school straight from my parent's house, I don't think she appreciated that...) trying to put my life back together and get settled again, before we head off on another five day adventure next week!  Whew...


Mason's Mama said...

That plaid dress with the leggings - OH MY HEART!!! Too adorable for words. Love these pictures.

Vivian said...

She is ADORABLE. And that outfit with the cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great pictures. I love your blog... going to check out your 'house tour.'

Erin said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm also LOVING the plaid dress/leggings combo, especially the clasped hands pic - SO CUTE!

amy@agoodlife said...

you guys are adorable! looks like a blast :)