September 18, 2011

week in iphone pics

Sometimes it is exhausting to try and have my phone out snapping pictures all the time.  So sometimes I don't do a great job.  But it is definitely fun to go back through the week and recap everything we did.  Also?  It encourages me to get out and do more, because I wouldn't want our week to look super lame of course :).


All I've got for Sunday was Ryann eating snacks while watching football with Daddy (seriously Chiefs?  get it together.  you too Jayhawks).  He taught her to say "Go Chiefs!  That's what I'm talkin' about."  Pretty cute obviously.  Oh, and checking out her crazy post bath hair.  the curls are always out of control after bath.


Monday after a little workout at the gym, we hit up Deanna Rose Farm with our buddy JT (and Jenn of course).  Chasing the two of them around there was quite the task.  Ryann was of course thrilled with the alphabet stepping stones in one of the gardens.  All that walking outside wiped Ry out, so we spent 20 minutes relaxing with Nick Jr.  For my afternoon snack, I made tortilla chips out of a La Tortilla Factory tortilla and ate it with some Trader Joe's Tomato Basil Hummus.  SO good.  Ryann really wanted to ride in the school bus.  I didn't get a good pic when she was actually trying to climb inside it.  She was ticked she didn't fit.


She may not do a great job, by Ryann loves to brush her teeth.  Grammy came to hang out with us, and we hit up Buy Buy Baby to check out the divided plates selection (I am enjoying these!).  While there Ryann gravitated towards this chair.  Maybe she knows that she has been extra naughty lately :).  Per Grammy's request we had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.  Ry felt pretty cool sitting in a booster seat next to me, drinking out of a 'big kid' cup (not her own straw cup, not that they're that much different, but whatever).


That nasty little creature greeted me in our kitchen at 6:30 in the morning.  NOT the way I like to start my day.  I hate bugs with a firey passion.  I kid you not, I went in the garage and got a giant shovel and a big ol' ice scraper to get that thing the heck out of my house.  Ryann wasn't feeling 100% that day, but she rallied while trying on lots of different hats at Target.  You want to know what drives me crazy?  When Ryann wants to play hide 'n seek on the couch.  My pillows are NEVER where I put them.  Good thing she's cute.  She is also loving an old giant rhinestone bracelet of mine.  The first time she put it on she said "OOh look at that" in the most hilarious voice.  And just us being us before daddy got home.


Another one of those days that I failed to take decent pictures.  After dropping Ryann off at MDO (she LOVES carrying her lunch box in), I spent nearly 5 hours cleaning my house.  Not that you could tell after Ryann and Chris had been home for the evening, but whatever.  The weirdest part of the day when Ryann is gone, is lunch time.  I definitely get lonely then, so I eat in front of my computer.  I made my self a delicious taco salad bowl.  Yum.


 We had a play date with a couple of our favorite boys.  While at their house Ryann discovered a love for Mr. Potato head.  For snack I was dipping pretzels in hummus, Ryann of course refuses to try hummus, but opted to dip her pretzels in yogurt to be like mommy.  Silly girl.  She was even calling it yogurt hummus.  Grammy and Papa were on their way to visit, and Ryann waited at the door for over 20 minutes because she wanted to see Papa so bad.  Thankfully he brought his guitar (and the pick!  the pick is very important to Ryann) and Ryann was an extra happy camper.


Saturday included a morning trip to the mall to buy some casual shoes for Ryann.  She would have rode the escalator all day if we let her.  Our shoe purchase?  Tiny Toms!  They are too freaking cute.  I can't get over it.  Personally I don't love the look of adult Toms, but in itty bitty sizes with sparkles?  Adorable.  Daddy and Ryann went to Target while I met with my friend Jackie to talk wedding invitations... of course they came home with a Mr. Potato Head.  Go figure.  Ryann kept trying to put the hat and glasses on herself.  Apparently she charmed the pharmacist at Target and got a sticker, which she stuck all over her face on our way to Whole Foods.  The easiest way to survive grocery shopping with Ryann?  A bowl full of snacks.  Thankfully Whole Foods has samples readily available.  And a shot of her in the cart because I seriously couldn't get over how cute the new shoes were.  Sorry :).
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Vivian said...

Ryann looks totally cute carrying her lunch box!!!

Sharstin said...

i love all these fun day to day picts! so cute! you will love to look back on these~

~*Jess*~ said...

It is hilarious watching them grow up. My daughter will make the most random comments on fashion and I wonder where she gets it. Hopefully she'll be a lot more stylish than I am!

Those pics are so cute! I've said it on my blog, but the reminder to be taking pics is always good. At least I am using my phone!

Anonymous said...

Those litte plates are adorable will have to check them out as I havent seen anything like them around here. Those little Toms Ive had my eyes on for a while but havent found any in stores they are adorable!

ARH3584 said...

I must say I am with you 100% when it comes to the Toms! I see them all over pinterest and not a fan of the adult ones. I also have size 9.5 feet, so they would look really crazy on me. The kids ones though! ADORABLE!