September 24, 2011

just call her captain obvious

When I was working in a childcare center in Lawrence, there was the cutest little girl in my class named Lydia.  She was a smart little thing, a little shy of three years old.  Quiet, most of the time, but she knew a lot of, facts we'll call them.  I liked to call her captain obvious.  She would always tell me things like "Lydia wearing jeans.  My name is Lydia.  Blue is azul (I believe she was a Dora fan).  That is Sofia (a little girl in the class)."  Basically just pointing stuff out all the time and telling me what it is.  Obviously that isn't a bad thing, she was always applying her knowledge.

Well, I have my own little captain obvious.

so serious!  but still oh so cute :)

Have you ever wanted to have your life narrated by a 17 month old?  It can be somewhat entertaining.  All day long, "Mommy eating.  Mommy laughing.  Mommy going potty.  Mommy cooking dinner.  Mommy calling Grammy."  Mommy this, mommy that.  She always makes sure to describe or narrate what I'm doing.  It's pretty cute.  Occasionally slightly annoying, because if you don't affirm that yes, you are indeed doing what she has described, she repeats it until you do, but still pretty cute.

What has surprised me is that she also likes to narrate my emotions.  It's no secret that kids are pretty in tune with how you're feeling, and can pick up on stuff, even when you think you're covering up how you're feeling.  Ryann is no exception, and she'll let me know.  "Mommy tired.  Mommy is happy.  Mommy is sad."  She always knows.  And if I snap a little bit, well, "Make mommy angry?"  It is more than enough to put myself in check, and make sure I stop letting whatever is irritating me push me over the edge (like the 9000th time Ryann throws her cup on the floor).


And just so I don't forget, here are some other things captain obvious has said lately (as in, um, Thursday)...

Lately in the mornings our needy, attention starved, often incredibly annoying cat, Max, follows me into Ryann's room and meows and rubs all over me and climbs my legs.  Ryann loves to get down and 'see him'.  She tries to pet him and such.  The other morning she was 'seeing him', and then decided she wanted to go play.  Absolutely no joke, this is what came out of her mouth, "Get out of my way Max.  Back up, back up."  I about died laughing.

This is actually still along the captain obvious lines... That same morning I realized all of my bras were hanging in the laundry dungeon room to dry, so I put my clothes on, grabbed Ryann, and we went in to the basement to get one.  Then I started to put it on.  "Mommy doing?"  "I have to put a bra on."  "Mommy put bra on?  Puttin' bra on da boobs?  Mommy have boobs."  Seriously, child, we have to figure out a way to stop talking about boobs.  Now she always wants to see my bra.  I know one of these days she is going to be at MDO (in a church mind you) and start talking about boobs and asking to see her teachers' bras.  I will DIE.  Mommy fail nine thousand and two.

That afternoon Ryann was sitting in the chair in our family room.  Because she has to narrate her life as well, she told me "Coming down!" as she started sliding out of the chair.  Then, "Ryann getting down.  Get down.  Get down, get down tonight."  So yes, I sing random tidbits of ridiculous songs.  And now they are a part of Ryann's vocabulary.  Wonderful.  The best though?  Is when I sing her a song and throw in a "and I don't know the words that go here" while I keep on going.  Later she sings the same song, and I hear "don't know the words" and then she keeps humming along.  LOVE IT.

how could you not want to play with that face?

She keeps me on my toes, but man, she is a ton of fun.

p.s.  Ryann would love for you to vote for her here.  You can vote once a day through October 2nd.  Thanks :o).


amylou said...

awww my baby is 4 months old i hope she turns out to be as cute and as much fun as yours i love that last photo of the its so sweet i could image her following you about telling everyone what your doing like "mommy eating" hehe sooo cute

Nikki @ from MRS to MOMMA said...

LOL! Ryann is such a funny girl. & my oh, my she has an awesome vocabulary & concept of emotions. Smart girl!

Sarah said...

She is hilarious. Melted my heart when she said "Bye Sarah" on her own yesterday.

Rhiannon said...

such an adorable little girl!!!

Carrie said...

best post ever.