September 21, 2011

a day in the life - megan

Morning ladies (and gents if there are any out there actually reading this).  Hope this Wednesday treats you well.  I hope it is extra good for my mama, it's her birthday today!  Love you mom :o).  Today you get a look at a day in the life of Megan.  Enjoy!
Hey y'all! I'm Megan from Girl Meets Camera. I've been married to the Army (ok not really...just a boy in the Army) for 8 years now even though I'm totally not old enough for that. Eek! I have a 6 year old girl and a 19ish month old man beast. I'm not so good at writing as I am posting lots of random pictures. When I actually get around to blogging. I'm super excited to have the chance to be a part of the day in the life posts! Here is a typical day in my geographically single parent life (Boy + Army = Korea).
29Oct10 018bw
(Our family picture is a year old.)
6:00 - Timmy wakes me up and since I could see sun through the window I decided to get up with him. I quickly give him his "4 C's" that he needs as soon as he wakes up. Cup, Couch, Covers, and Cartoons. That buys me a few minutes to get my
DITL 001
DITL 002
6:09 - He's over it. Now I sit with coffee in one hand and the boy in my lap while we wait to wake up Layla.
DITL 005
6:15 - Layla wakes up. Timmy is now walking around being angry. He dumps the box of cookie cutters then tells me about it.
DITL 012
6:30 - 7:30 - Kids play a bit with the free time they got from waking up with the sun. We get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, I pack up L's bag for school and prepare for today's workout.
DITL 008
DITL 017
DITL 010
7:40 - Heading out the door to walk Layla to school. She likes to push her brother and who am I to deny my sweet 6 year old that opportunity? Plus I needed a picture and it's much easier when I'm not pushing the little nugget.
DITL 018
8:15 - 8:45 - The boy and I meet a friend at the gym. I'm loving that this new program we started only lasts 30 minutes! Outta there by 8:45 and hella sore. I'm shaking things up today and choosing shopping over shower. Timmy and I speed off to the 'big city' to hit Target with some friends and our coupon binders. Three packs of to go Kleenex packs for .14? Yes please!
DITL 024
11:30 - Leave Target. Oh my gosh I can't believe Timmy lasted the whole trip with only minor screaming. I push my luck and stop at the fabric store on the way out. He slept in the stroller.
1:00 - Finally home. I unload our stuff and break out some chips and salsa before I put it all away. Not that I actually planned on putting it all away yet... Timmy gets a peanut butter and honey sammich on a wheat hamburger bun because we are almost out of bread and Layla needs a lunch for school. Most of his lunch goes to the dogs anyway. I also tossed a squeezy pouch of mush at him. Best things ever!
DITL 026
DITL 028
1:30 - Killin time before we need to walk back up to the school. Timmy climbs in the dishwasher helps with dishes, I try out my new Swiffer vacuum, Timmy works on math problems (by that I mean he colors in Layla's workbooks and climbs on tables)
DITL 030
DITL 031
DITL 029
DITL 034
2:45 - Go to pick up Layla. I take my camera but never take it out of the stroller. She gets a few minutes to play with her friend so I can have a few minutes to talk with mine.
3:30 - Layla does her math homework and her reading. Timmy has a melt down. I throw gently lay him in bed and he passes out for a WAY too late nap. I'm sure I'll be regretting that one later.
DITL 038
DITL 039
4:00 - I finally get to shower. Amen.
4:30 - Realize I have NO dinner plans and rummage through the freezer for anything that can thaw/cook relatively quickly. I do this every night. One day I might actually plan ahead. Then I make coffee.
5:00 - Timmy wakes up. Of course. I'm starting dinner and he needs to be climbing my legs. Thankfully their dad gets on Skype for the first time since getting back to Korea and kids are happy and distracted.
DITL 040
(ignore the doll house. The downside to having a big sister...girly hand me downs)
DITL 043
7:00 - Layla hops in the tub while I keep Timmy entertained.
7:30 - Jammas and books. FINALLY. Layla reads to us while Timmy goes wild. Our nightly routine.
DITL 044
8:30 - Kids are in bed, tomorrow's lunch is packed, and I'm in a ball on the couch under Timmy's blanket playing Sims and watching trashy reality tv. Goodnight!
DITL 048

Thank you Ashley for letting me share my every day life with your readers! Now for the mommy questions...
1. What is the most surprising thing about being a mom?
I'd like to say the feeling of loving someone so much the second you meet them that you would give your life for them, which is totally true, but everyone tells you that so it wasn't a big shock when I was head over heals in love with my kids. I think the shocking part was going from never really touching a baby to having a switch go off in my brain making it totally ok to see a gagging kid and have my first response (after not having any containers handy) to hold out my cupped hands to catch the vomit. Seriously. It's a mom thing and I would have laughed in your face if you told me at 17 that I'd be ok (or at least not freaked out) with catching vomit or anything else to come out of my wee ones.
2. What advice would you give new or soon-to-be moms?
Be open to change. It's super easy to have birth plans, parenting ideas, due dates, and your whole new little family planned out in your head. Things change. Don't freak out too much if a baby comes early or you end up with an epidural or c-section or if breast feeding isn't really the thing for you. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about what you choose to do for you and your family.
3. What are your top three baby products?
1. Gas drops fo sho. I wish they came in gallon jugs.
2. Baby food in squeezy pouches. Timmy wasn't a huge mushy baby food fan when he was bitty but now that he's all toddler sized and can feed himself from a squeezy pouch they are AWESOME. He was melting down at Target one day so I grabbed one and cracked it open for him right there and have never looked back. There is always on in the diaper bag for a when 'we're out and about, meltdown's coming, here eat this" snack.
3. The Boppy (or any other nursing pillow). Even if you don't nurse your baby...we used ours FOREVER. It props them up if they're all refluxy, they can flip over and do raised up tummy time, when they start to sit on their own you can wrap it around them so they have something to land on if they go crashing down backwards. I loooove the Boppy!


Thank you for sharing your day with us Megan!


Rhiannon said...

what a great blog, and great photos!

Jami Nato said...

you are a rock star doing the day all by yourself. props.