September 21, 2011

a video hello

My original intent for this video was to give a little shout out to grammy (my mom) for her birthday.  And then we got all random.  But I think Ryann is cute nonetheless, so I thought I'd just share it, all five minutes of it.  I'll forgive you if you don't watch it.  You're the one missing out.

And please excuse my nasty hair.

And the Bert and Ernie Ryann is referencing is this one.

Happy Birthday Mom!

p.s.  I entered Ryann in the pediped photo contest or something.  You can go here once a day to vote.  I definitely wouldn't mind if you did :o).


Whitney said...

This made my day. I can't imagine how happy it made Grammy! :)

amylou said...

awww how super cute is she hope grammy has a good birthday xx

Mrs. D said...

AHH!!! How adorable!!!! SHE'S SO GROWN UP!!