September 8, 2011

embrace the camera

norwegian women what? 

On Monday I made a very quick mention of a house full of Norwegian women.  I'm sure most of you missed it, but for the few of you who might have been curious about what I was talking about...


Those would be my cousins.  Well, first cousins, second cousins, I'm not sure what kind of cousins.  My mom had 56 cousins on my grandma's side.  32 of them are women.  Every two years all of the first and second (that's me!) female cousins have a little reunion.  Obviously not everyone is able to or does attend, but this year our group was 17 strong.

I am so thankful to have a large family, and to have all of these amazing women in my life.  I am extra thankful that even though our paths don't regularly cross, we are able to come together and celebrate the family we came from, and enjoy each other's company.  I know not everyone has family members to lean on or spend time with, but I am lucky enough to have many aunts, uncles, cousins and second cousins to support me whenever I need it.

Just a few pictures of my little family from the weekend... I was lucky enough that Chris was in town doing a fantasy football draft (thank God I like football) so he was able to keep track of Ryann here and there while I had some fun.


And I had to throw in this picture of Ryann coloring.  She is starting to really love coloring books.  She picks a color and goes to town, naming the specific things she is coloring... "Ernie green shoes, give Ernie green nose."  My heart nearly explodes every time she lays her little belly on the floor and grabs a crayon.


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Sharstin said...

Love these Picts, you look great~