September 1, 2011

penguins and peacocks and puffins

OH MY!  So clever right?  Wait, you're probably confused.  It's lions and tigers... Yeah.  Ryann saw penguins and peacocks at puffins at the Omaha Zoo.

We started telling her a bit too early (like Saturday or Monday or something) that we were going to go to the zoo on Friday.  So every morning she would get her shoes, try and put them on and say "Go zoo?!?!  Go zoo?!?!"  Pretty dang cute, except the melt down when I told her no, we weren't going to the zoo that day.  I was worried that the zoo wouldn't live up to all the hype we had going on, but it didn't disappoint Ry.  She loved seeing all the animals, but her favorite area by far, was the tunnel in the aquarium.


Seriously, she could have stayed in there for hours, I'm sure.  But for the record?  Really tough place to take pictures in...

Not sure why I was getting this face, but Ry still talks about seeing the zebra.  Yes zebra, singular, there was only one.  For some reason that seemed really odd.

couldn't take her eyes of the animals for a pic... and I think she was hungry...

We didn't make it through the desert dome, and probably missed some other stuff too.  Which makes me even more excited to take her back!  Definitely going to have to hit up the KC Zoo again sometime soon.



Kate said...

I really need to start participating in this series! I love all your shots - Ryann is just too cute.

Stephanie Fletcher said...

We are going to the Omaha zoo this weekend! I'm glad Ryann had so much fun and it makes me super excited to take Brody! PS- You look great Ashley, keep up the good work!!!

Sarah said...

I'm dying to go to the zoo! I say we go once it cools down a bit.

Kristin said...

looks so fun and your little girl is just adorable!! I have been dying to go to the Omaha zoo! this post makes me want to go even more!!!