September 25, 2011

week in iphone pics

This week Christopher started his OB rotation.  OB rotation = we rarely see him.  Super lame.  He has 4 days off this month.  And is allowed to pick 4 days total off for his next rotation.  So in two months we will spend 8 days with him.  I know it could be a lot worse, but I miss my husband :(.  And I know he doesn't enjoy it so much either.  Nonetheless, Ryann and I are really having to work to keep ourselves entertained!


My phone freaked out on Sunday, and I had to reset it or something, so I lost some of my iphone pictures from that day.  Nothing too exciting though.  I went for a seven mile run while Ry and Daddy played together, and Grandma 'Nita brought over Christopher's old rocking horse.  Chris said she sat on that thing for almost an hour.  Too cute. 


Someone was apparently ready for nap time while I was cooking lunch.  No, she wasn't actually asleep, but I think it could have happened!  After nap Ry was feeling extra goofy.  When daddy came home Ryann really wanted him to read her the bible.  She really likes the Rhyme Bible Storybook.  Good weather meant that a post dinner walk was necessary, per the usual.  After Ryann went to bed I got to work reorganizing all of her old clothes so I could put away the 12-18 month stuff.  7 bins full in 17 months, shopping problem much?


I asked Ryann if she wanted to go to Target, her response?  "Try on hats!  Try on HATS!!!"  Apparently last weeks hat extravaganza made a lasting impression.  Of course we forgot the shoes I needed to return, which was the whole reason I needed to go to Target in the first place, don't worry, we got groceries instead.  Ryann was too quick for me when I was trying to carry in the bags, and grabbed the chalk.  Oh well, the weather was gorgeous.  I decided it was about time I actually straightened my hair, so I set Ryann up with some yogurt in front of the bathroom.  She decided shoveling yogurt with her hands was a way better idea than eating with a spoon.  Oh well, I actually looked decent for a change.  We hit up the park after dinner, Ryann had a great time on the swings.


One of the bins I brought upstairs was full of things that were too big (some 2T and 3T clothing that Grammies and Grandmas apparently couldn't pass up a while back).  This pink tutu was in there... it can play music so little girlies can dance and twirl.  Ryann liked the music, but wasn't so sure about actually wearing it.  Ry does love putting on Mr. Potato Head's glasses.  And ohmygawd that next picture.  We are making progress in the 'smile for the camera' department.  And do you see what is on her head?  A HAIRBOW.  For starters, she really has enough hair to support a bow now, score.  And she left it on for almost an hour!  Double score.  We ran to my printer's office to pick up a client's programs.  Ryann was refusing to get back in the car because she was listening to the trains.  And after dinner Ryann helped me make some pumpkin banana bread.  Don't worry, the recipe is coming.  It was GOOD (side note, my hair looks absurd).


We were on top of the laundry bright and early (before 7am!), go us.  Ryann loves to brush her teeth with me in the morning so I tried to get a picture.  She was much more concerned with the toothbrush sticking out of my mouth than taking a cute picture.  Doesn't she look like such a big girl when she is heading off to MDO?  And I frequently find her in the bathroom sitting on the potty.  She loves to, as long as she is wearing pants.  Take her diaper off and she freaks out.  Whatever.


Friday morning we had a play date, and went to Open Gym at a local gymnastics place.  It was much less busy than the last time we went, and Ryann enjoyed playing with all the cars and walking on the little balance beams.  She has zero concept of actually staying on the beam though, she tries to run.  After nap I wanted to send a picture to Christopher, so I asked her what face she wanted to make, smile face, crazy face, sad face... she said tongue.  So he got a tongue picture.  We spent a lot of time coloring that afternoon.


Ryann found my stash of hair ties in the bathroom, and thought they were bracelets.  She was occupied for quite a while trying to get them all on.  We made a last minute decision to go to Target (we wanted to get some treats as a present for Daddy, because we were ditching him while he works some terrible hours).  Target's dollar section is rocking these days.  Isn't my little devil cute?  For some reason Ryann was CRAZY from like 11:30 until I laid her down for nap at 1.  All over the place, laughing at herself for no good reason, and giving me 'the eyes' throughout most of lunch.  

Oh dark chocolate almonds from Target, they will be the death of me.  For the record I DID NOT eat the entire container in one day.  These are from a trip last week I think.  Ryann picked out all the packaging for Daddy's gift.  I wasn't in love with the purple bag and black bow, but it's what she wanted.  After nap we made the (relatively short) trek to Grammy's house.  We beat them home, and Ryann discovered she could reach the doorbell.  Check out her yellow chucks, Grammy ordered them for Ryann's Halloween costume.  Can't wait to see my little penguin all decked out!

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Lindsay said...

Haha, everytime I read a post of yours, I see something else that I also own! Jacob has the same crib and video monitor as Ryann, and I just noticed we have the same washer as well! Makes me laugh:)

Lindsay said...

My blog is
I don't post nearly as often as I want to, but I'm trying:)

Anonymous said...

cute pictures! I think the cheese smile just is too funny.