September 10, 2011

week in iphone pics

This week flew by.  I suppose that is a good thing, it means we didn't spend too much time bored!  On the other hand, I'm still feeling overwhelmed/flustered/behind/etc.  Oh well.  I'll figure it out eventually.


Grandma 'Nita came over for a little visit.  Ryann test drove her new car... well sorta anyway.  Grandma of course brought Ryann a little game.  She can't really play it yet, but loved the mat with all the letters.  Once we were back home, we were in need of groceries.  This time we hit up wal-mart because I was on the hunt for La Tortilla Factory tortillas.  Ryann is very in to stacking blocks, especially on things (this time my knee).  The tongue obviously helps her concentrate.


Another pre-gym photo sesh.  After the gym we hit up the park.  I'm pretty sure we went down the slide a kajillion times.  We have a problem, Ryann loves ketchup so much now, that she doesn't really want to eat anything else, and will literally lick her plate clean of ketchup.  But if we don't give her any?  She won't eat anything at all.  Just some snack time cuteness.  And they guy at the checkout in Target gave her a sticker.  She was proud.


After the gym we hit up Monkey Bizness with a couple of our favorite little guys.  This time we tried out the other location, SO much better.  Ryann got a little present in the mail, when we showed her the monkey, in a soft completely utterly amazed voice she said "buckles" and couldn't stop smiling.  There seriously must have been rays of light from Heaven shining down on this thing the way she was looking at it :o).  Lucky us Daddy came home from work early, so we hit up the park family style.  After dinner Ry enjoyed a night little bike ride, before giving me some ornery eyes of course.


Big lunch box, little girl.  But she loves that thing, and looks like such a big kid when I drop her off at mother's day out.  While she was gone I started packing up some of her summer and too small clothes.  I thought my pile was looking pretty good, but her closet was still, um, FULL.  Hi my name is Ashley.  My mom and I (and Grandma 'Nita!) are addicted to buying little girl clothes.  When I brought Ry home it was snack time.  I taught her how to dip apple slices in sunflower butter.  She was impressed to say the least.


Picture overload, whoops :o).  Ryann was happy because she was wearing really eccentric pants.  HA.  She LOVES her new itty bitty camelbak.  I do too, it is adorable.  And I obviously take too many photos of my kid eating, but honestly?  That is when she is sitting still!  For afternoon snack I added some cheerios and a few mini chocolate chips to her yogurt.  This is the disaster that occurred while I made some mini chocolate muffins (stay tuned for those ones, can you guess what weird ingredient is hiding under the chocolate?).  And Ry decided it was cool to put owl stickers on her bum.


My little girl is such a ham.  And she really is becoming a little girly girl.  She actually enjoyed trying on shoes at Target (be still my heart).  After nap we hit up Whole Foods, where I got some evil eye looks, apparently she is sick of me taking her picture?  And, well, I don't know what to say about that last one.  My child is definitely unique :o).  She just sat there like that for a while.

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amy@agoodlife said...

oh my gosh, i always wonder if my life will EVER be not flustered/stressful/busy! but you're right... totally better than being bored :)

looks like a good week!

Me said...

So cute! I adore pics with the big girl lunch box :) You'll have to let me know how sunflower butter is... you've got me all curious!

kebowman said...

ohhhh! I love all the pictures! She's precious!

and i love that shower curtain in the mirror pics! I'm loving the ruffles!

new follower! :)