October 26, 2011

a day in the life - laura

Good morning lovelies.  Thank you for all of the heartfelt responses yesterday.  Getting it out there helped get some of the weight off my chest, and hearing from you all definitely lifted my spirits.  THANK YOU.  I am working on ways to embrace the joy in my days (because there definitely is some) and reminding myself over and over again our situation is only temporary.  The end of the tunnel seems far away, but it will be here before I know it.  I hope...

Whew!  Enough about me.  Today is all about Laura!  I hope you enjoy a peek at her day wrangling three little ones.
Hey there! I'm Laura and I am a stay-at-home wife and mamma to three kids. I blog about
my crazy and random life over at cutesiesweetsies.blogspot.com.
I blog about health, kids, recipes, budgets, and anything else that comes up in my life.
I've been married 7 years and have a three year old daughter, a two year old daughter, and a 6 month old son.
Yes...life is crazy. And life is so amazingly good!
Below is the most recent and decent picture of me. 5 months ago!
It also may be the last time I actually fixed my hair! Just kidding...but it is rare that you find me
without my hair tied on top of my head :)

Here is a peek at a typical Monday in my life....

6:30 AM: Philip is off work today, so he gets to avoid a typical 5:45 alarm clock. Nathan usually starts rustling around in his bed. When he gets a little more restless I get up and decide to feed the little guy. Usually he goes back to sleep for another hour or two after eating. Today he played in his bed a little while, but never went back to sleep. So he got to hang with us more than usual.
7:00 AM: We hear shuffling footsteps on the carpet outside our door. The little girlies make their way into our room and crawl into bed with us. "Watch Caillou?" Natalie whispers. She is two but sometimes she talks like she is 35. We gladly turn on the TV and the girls lay with us watching the cartoon while we snooze a little longer.

Our little Cutesiesweetsies :)

7:45 AM: The girls are like clockwork. They are ready to eat eggs, toast and a banana. They eat breakfast and we usually eat what they eat and we sit at the table with them. We pray and say the blessing about 6 times (Brooklyn age 3 is a little OCD and likes the blessing to be perfect).
8:15 AM: Time for the girls to get dressed. I am trying to teach them to make their beds...surprisingly they enjoy it. ha! We play in the living room with blocks for a LONG time. They love blocks. Especially the blocks from "Jenga". :)
8:30 AM: Nathan is ready to eat again. So I feed him and he goes down to sleep for about an hour and a half. He is a very good sleeper! The girls continue to play with blocks while Philip goes outside and mows for the last time this season. Yay! He also decides to clean the garage (which is pretty clean anyways). So the girls go and hang in the garage and play while I do laundry and clean up the kitchen.
10:00 AM: Nathan is awake. I bring him out and put him in the high chair with some toys. I continue doing laundry and make some granola. The girls are still out in the garage, but if P was at work they would be playing inside with me and Nathan.

11:00 AM: Nathan eats some sweet potatoes and a bottle. By 12:15 he is ready for another nap! He sleeps until 1:15.
12:00 PM: The girls and P come in and all are ready for lunch. We eat fresh ground peanut butter sandwiches with grapes. Nothing fancy :) Everybody hangs out and plays in the living room for a couple of hours. We referee fights over cups and the girls argue over if the noise outside is a helicopter or an airplane. The girls sing to Nathan before he naps and then go make a mess of their room.
2:00 PM: the girls go to their room for rest/naps. Everyday I make sure they are in their rooms for quiet time from 2-4. If they dont fall asleep they look at books. (They giggle too...which is super cute). I play with Nathan or he plays in the exersaucer until he takes another nap around 3. This time he sleeps 2 hours.
That means I get almost 2 hours for myself because the girls DID fall asleep! Philip went to run errands.
I usually lay down because our oldest daughter is such a restless and loud sleeper at night and she keeps us up quite a bit. By 2 PM I am so tired. So I rest/sleep too.
4:30 PM: Philip is back so we hang out and watch TV a little. (Our latest DVR show we catch up with is "Hey Dude" from the 90's...how cool are we????) We get dinner going (pancakes tonight) and we get the girls a little snack when they wake up.
5:00 PM: A Dinner of pancakes and fruit! Nathan eats too after waking. We basically spend the entire evening outside in the backyard. Philip and I chill and sit outside while the girls dig in the garden, "mow the lawn", and run around. They still continue the ongoing debate over whats in the sky- the helicopter or the airplane. Oh...and we have to determine where its going.
7:00 PM: Nathan eats and goes to bed. The girls take a bath and watch Caillou again...ugh. We pray and they are in bed by 8:00 PM usually!
8-11 PM: Philip and I catch up on DVR shows, play scrabble and talk. We have "at home date nights" most every night. Its our favorite time of day :)
11:30-12 PM: we go to bed. I fall asleep within 2 minutes. I love sleep :)

(Tonight while we were outside, Natalie decided to eat the dirt from the garden.)

Our life is simple, but we love it that way. We are all about family. We love each other and we love to spend time with each other. We make the most of each day and we love life!!!
Thanks Ashley for letting me share!

My favorite baby item: I loved the bouncy seat. All three slept in a bouncy seat probably the first month of their lives. It cradled them and vibrated and it kept them elevated (Which helped because I had three spitter uppers.) Right now my double jogger is my fave. Strollers are a must in my life :)
My advice: Do what is best for your family. There are way too many opinions, guilt trips, and people ready to tell you what is "best". Trust your instincts. You know your family and baby best. If it makes someone else upset its ok. Remember that its your business how you build your family. :)


Thank you, Laura, for sharing your day with us!


Marie said...

I laughed when you said "We watched Caillou...ugh" My kids are obsessed with Caillou especially my 21 month old. She walks around all day going "Caillou? Caillou?"

amy@agoodlife said...

such a cute family... makes me excited to have TWO someday :)