October 29, 2011

this and that

::  Ryann is coming down with something.  So far she is doing alright, just a runny nose and such, and maybe the slightest fever yesterday.  Obviously you never want your kiddo to be sick, but I haven't seen her this calm or cuddly in a long time.  She isn't grumpy or overly clingy, but she happy sat in my lap and snuggled and is just kind of hanging out.  Like she doesn't have the energy to throw a fit about the things she usually would.  I kind of love it.  But I hope she feels better soon...

icky feeling baby toddler...
...cheered up by Mickey Mouse.  stupid mouse.  why does she love you so?

::  I attempted the sock bun curls.  First time = giant fail.  I tried putting the bun in three different times.  It is tough with thick layered hair!  And when I woke up in morning, big giant fro.  It was kind of a disaster.  I could see how it could work, but it definitely didn't work for me.  And I don't know how much trying I really want to do.  I think if I did it at the end of the day, when my hair isn't so poofy, maybe that what help.  This time I had attempted it after taking an evening shower.

yep, i have a massive bum.  oh wait, bun... curl fail.

::  While attempting to take a picture of the back of my head (which I was unsuccessful at 99% of the time, that is hard, how do people do it?) I turned around to find this:


I always let her play with my make-up bag (obviously the reason why most of my make-up is broken) but she has never actually gotten the different things open.  Until now of course.  She was so cute and SO proud of herself, sitting there putting on make-up like mommy.  I tried to take a picture of her bright pink cheek (she did the same one over and over again), but she wasn't having it.


::  I have got to figure out how I can look decent throughout the day.  Usually we are rushing somewhere after the gym so the best I can do is put on normal clothes.  My hair is generally still a disaster and I often don't have on any make-up.  And when those things aren't done it seems useless to put too much thought into my outfit.  But I hate that.  I DO care about my appearance.  I don't want to sit around in sweats all day looking frumpy.  I've pinned too many cute outfits for that!  :o).  Just need to figure out how to quickly get my hair from gym hair to day hair.  What do you do?

Screen shot 2011-10-29 at 6.15.54 AM

::  The fall pinterest challenge was issued over at Young House Love.  I've been needing to get my craft on lately.  Really, needing it.  So this would be the perfect kick in the butt right?  Except we're at my parents house until midday Monday, so I'd have to figure out what I want to do and make it happen pretty quick.  I mean I'm sure it wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't get it done by Wednesday, but I try and follow the 'rules' most of the time.  :o).  Two things I'd like to try?  Ruffled kitchen towels and a blinged out camera strap.  I could have my mom help me with the kitchen towel (I need to learn how to sew!)... Hi mom!  The only problem with the camera strap, is that I love my current one so much.

1.  pinterest via here; 2.  pinterest via here; 3.  pinterest via here

::  I'm loving the 'search this blog' feature over there.  Why I never added it before I'm not sure.  There is probably some easy way to search your archives, but I was always doing a little guess and check poking around when I wanted to link back to old posts.  Now I can just search what I want in that little box.  Much better.

::  Ryann is 19 months old today.  Craziness.  Hopefully I'll have her 19 month post up tonight or tomorrow, but well, don't count on it.  I haven't even started it.  And I don't know where to start!!

Have a GREAT Saturday.


Ashley@MarriedLane said...

I've been really loving your blog lately! My daughter is just 21 months old, and also has a cold right now. Lots of snuggles around here! My hubby is sending me outlet shopping in a few weeks with a few hundred dollars to spend (which never happens!) and I'm totally going crazy and planning out exactly what to get. I'm determined to not be a frumpy mom, too! But you go to the gym... I just go for lots of walks with the stroller :) Have you thought about adding a head scarf to your wardrobe? Might be a cute way to hide "gym hair"!

Anonymous said...

ahh she is too cute! definitely going to be a girly girl!

Jennifer said...

I think I totally need to make that camera strap!!

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

Beautiful pictures! You do such a good job capturing those little moments with your sweet girl. Also, I love the new look of your blog - nicely done! :)

Carrie said...

i am in looooooove with that picture where she has the brush on her cheek. i would kill for a picture of my baby doing that. sooo cute!