October 18, 2011

ryann needs help


Hair help that is.  You see, she has this fun, sometimes curly, sometimes straight, sometimes in between, definitely a mullet hair.  The top isn't quite as long as the back yet, but thankfully with the curls you don't really notice.  However, sometimes it is looking a bit less than glamorous.  Especially in the morning and after nap.


Is there anything I can do to tame that beast?  Her hair in the front isn't long enough to pull back yet.  Do I just mist her with a spray bottle?  I need the curl in the back to have some bounce, because again, she has a mullet.  But not to the extent that I want to cut anything yet.  I swear I'm totally a girly girl (sometimes) but I'm really at a loss for what to do with her blond locks.


Ryann would appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks a ton :o).


Amy said...

Time for PIGGIES! I put both of my girls hair up on piggies because I love them so...when they are really little, the back of the hair doesn't go up but the longer bits of the front and sides do...take a look:

Rhiannon said...

i agree with the pigtails comment! i'm sure they would look adorable on her! she is precious no matter what. :)

Happy Wife said...

A friend of mines daughter had the same hair :) Ah the child mullet! She also used the aid of pigtails. If Ryann's hair isn't long enough for that I'd totally spray it with either water or the detangling spray... it might hold the little curls together a bit more/and it smells good.
Have fun with all that!
ps. You are your family are so sweet. I've been following for a little while now and am blessed 1. by the way you take care of your body, and the health of your family and 2. by your joy. Your light shines!

Ashley@MarriedLane said...

I'm having the same problem with my daughter! She has super curly hair in the back but not much up top. I've considered cutting it but haven't yet.... you'll have to let us know what you do!

ps. I love your photos - what camera do you use?