October 11, 2011

i need a vacation

Oh wait, I was just on vacation wasn't I?  But please tell me you all feel like after a vacation you need another just to recoup?  I need like two days to get my life back in order and cross some things off my to-do list, but that isn't going to happen.  Especially when I end up going to bed at 9pm.  No joke.  But it felt great.

Since I went to bed early I didn't end up putting anything together to post today, so I thought I'd share this little video clip Ryann made while we were gone.  She is into making and then watching videos these days.

Also?  Something possibly terrible happened today.


Ryann discovered there is more than just one owl lovey.  I had a pile of dirty laundry hanging out in the hallway, that included an owl.  I meant to wash it last night, but um, as I mentioned above I went to be at 9.  I definitely didn't do any laundry.  She pulled the owl out of the pile, and then noticed the one in her crib.  Ruh roh.  She then preceded to find a blanket and lay on the kitchen floor while I made lunch.


I managed to convince her to go down for nap with only one of the owls, and have since put the pile of laundry in the basement.  But we will see what happens with that...

Other randomness... Ryann has started occasionally singing songs that I'm assuming she learns at MDO.  Something along the lines of "Time to sing songs.  Time to sing songs.  Everybody tap your shoulders, time to sing songs."  Today it was tap your belly.  It is pretty funny.  Last night when we were getting her dressed for bed, she was singing some gibberish we didn't understand, then we heard "thankful for friends.  AMEN!"

Followed immediately by "Lions and tigers and bears?"

Oh my.  Chris and I couldn't stop laughing.

Bah, I just got cut short.  The wee one woke up from nap, and is currently in her crib saying "Hey!  Why you do that?  Why you do that?"  I have no idea who or what she is talking about.

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Erin said...

I definitely am with you on needing a few buffer days after vacation. If I have enough vacation time, I try to take an extra day after coming home before going back to work but unfortunately it doesn't' always work! Love the pic of Ryann laying down - definitely one of Annie's favorite things to do at any time of day or night :) Hope you doesn't give you too much trouble about the 2 owls!