October 21, 2011

the pumpkin patch & more

First I'm going to throw in a few 'fall' pictures from recently.  I can't believe last year at this time I had little baby who could only sit in the leaves (which she happily did for up to an hour I'm pretty sure).  Now that little nugget is running all over the place and throwing leaves in the air to watch them fall.  Doh, she was (still is of course) really cute!!

It still amazes me how quickly she has changed over the past year.  These pictures are from a beautiful afternoon a week or so ago.  I think we spent almost two hours outside.  Ryann wound up covered in chalk, bubbles and dirt, well and bug bites, but she was such a happy camper!


And another beautiful fall day.  I love the second one.  I'm pretty sure she is thinking "seriously?  with the camera again mom?".  On that note I realized I haven't picked up my big camera once this week.  Maybe I should change that...


Wow this is turning into quite the photo dump.  Oh well.  On Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch.  We debated not going, Chris and I are both homebodies most of the time.  But we decided to suck it up and try and make some memories.  Turns out there wasn't a whole lot that Ryann could really do, and she was more interested in the dirt in the patch than the pumpkins.  But there was a giant slide that she absolutely LOVED.  And I told her she had to wear a headband to go to the pumpkin patch and she didn't touch that thing once.  I thought that was pretty awesome :o).  And if you can't tell, she was not interested in being held or taking ANY pictures.  Oh well.  We tried.


Oh yeah.  She ate the dirt.  Twice.  You think after the first time you were totally disgusted/traumatized by it, you wouldn't do it again.  Apparently I'm wrong on that one.  Oh well.  I guess she can't be freakishly smart in all aspects of life right?  :o)


Stacey said...

I love that you caught the dirt incident on camera! Kids are so funny :) Her outfit is adorable!

Lindsay said...

Great pictures! You do such a great job on advancing with your big camera. Such great memories captured! Can't believe how small Miss R was just a year ago, so stinkin' cute!

On a side note, how did you advance so quickly on learning how to take amazing pictures with your camera? Would you mind sharing what's in your camera bag and any tips and tricks? I'm still learning everyday with my Nikon and it's still all very tricky. ;)

Sarah said...

Adorable pictures! A little dirt never hurt anyone :) Love the headband and outfit too. Stylish little girl

Ashley said...


I may work on a photo tips post in the near future, but honestly I'm not expert. It has taken me lots of trial and error, and lots of bad shots to get some good ones. Recently I've started using Pioneer Woman's free photoshop actions to edit my photos a bit, which I think has improved their look. Nonetheless I'll try and put something together for you guys in the next few weeks!

Lindsay said...

Thanks Ashley for taking the time to respond :) I will look forward to your post, have a fabulous weekend!