October 19, 2011

a day in the life - tysie

Good morning!  How is everyone this Wednesday?  This morning I would like to introduce you to Tysie, mommy to Lilah.  I hope you enjoy a peek at her day!


Hello, I'm Tysie, a 34 year old former (self-proclaimed) "trophy wife" (what, that's a job title right?), now documenting 11.5 month old Lovely Lilah's daily life, over at a little blog called "A Lilah A Day".  We have a somewhat unconventional household, as Lilah's Papa Bear works overseas on 2.5 month rotations.  Luckily, when he is home, he does not have to work so we have him all to ourselves.   Here is a sneak peak into a day in our life...

7:00 - "Wakey-time":  Little Lilah generally starts babbling in her crib about this time.  Since Papa is home, he greets her, does a quick diaper check and then I pull her into bed with me to nurse.  When she's had her fill of "booby-juice", the three of us play under the covers for a bit before facing the day.  I love this snuggly time with my sweet family.

8:00 - "Breakfast-time":  Mornings in our house consist of quite a few hungry mouths to feed.  After Lilah's morning nursing session, she and Papa head outside to feed the dogs (Otis, our 170 lb. South African Boerboel and Malcom, our 15 lb. Yorkie).  Then it's time to feed our three chickens and collect eggs.  They head back inside, where Lilah plays on the floor while I put together her breakfast.  

8:30 - "Nakey-time":  This typically occurs before every meal.  We practice Baby-led Weaning (and have since Lilah was 6 months old), so meal times I can almost always count on being uber-messy.  Yeah - we've considered that we may be creating an awkward first-date moment for her later in life, but for now it sure beats the extra laundry and helps make for easier clean-up.  This morning's menu: oatmeal, half a banana and blueberries. While Lilah noshes, I crack open the computer and check emails, Facebook and blogs, while sipping a cup of coffee.  (When Papa is away at work, he loves to watch Lilah eat breakfast via Skype).

9:00 - "Sink-time": After breakfast, Lovely Lilah usually spends about 15 minutes playing in the kitchen sink.  It gives me just enough time to clean up breakfast, Swiffer the hardwood floors (with a mobile toddler, I am constantly battling clean floors) or unload the dishwasher.

9:30 - "Play-time":  Once Little Lilah is diapered and dressed, we spend about 45 minutes playing, practice walking and watching cartoons.  It's generally "Mickey Mouse Playhouse" (the rest of the day I am singing that annoying "Hot Dog" song), or "Jake And The Neverland Pirates" (why is that ALWAYS on???).  Before Lilah Belle was mobile, this was our time to put together "floor fotos"

10:15 - "Nap-time":  Lilah get's a quick nurse and a rock in her rocking chair to settle in.  This is when I get to jump in the shower and get ready for the day.  Depending on how long Lilah is asleep, I can throw in a load of laundry, maybe get a few blog posts done (shoot a fashion post or two) and think about what's for dinner.

11:30 - "Lunch-time":  Stripped down and back in the Bumbo she goes.  Lunch generally consists of a egg-salad sandwich (thank you Garlick Homestead chickens), some Veggie-Booty, a piece of fruit and water, which we all sit down and eat together.  

12:30 - "Errand-time":  If I need to leave the house and run any errands, this is when we try to do it.  On the agenda today: Babies-R-Us for some much needed baby-proofing items (little fingers are constantly getting slammed in kitchen cabinets or closet doors or finding their way into toilet bowls lately?!), diapers and some new Converse kicks (thanks Papa Bear).  When we're on the go, I try to keep some Cheerios and a sippy cup of water handy for those times when Lilah get's bored = cranky.  

3:30 - "Nap-time":  I nurse Lilah again, lay her down in her crib and she's generally out for about an hour and a half.  If I'm feeling extra tired, I try and take a quick power-nap (I really only need about 20 minutes).  Sometimes I feel it is a bit indulgent, like I could be doing something productive - but I've generally nodded off before the overwhelming guilt can creep up.  Once I'm awake, aforementioned guilt gives me the motivation to tackle a load of laundry or tend to a grimy toilet or two.  

5:00 - "Dinner-time":  While I cook, Lilah is happy to be at my feet, crawling and attempting to walk around the kitchen or playing with her Papa. We try to time dinner so that it leads directly into Little Lilah's bedtime routine.  Tonight I have prepared Eggplant Parmesan Melts.  Again, thanks to Baby-led Weaning, Lilah is a champion eater with an incredibly diverse palate.  There is nothing she won't try (at least once) and the apparent joy she takes in exploring food in an independent and healthy way has made mealtimes a pleasure in our household.  Around 6:00 we sit down and she dives right in (she is mastering the knife and spoon).  In no time she is requesting "more" (she is just beginning to implement a few sign language signs).  She let's us know she is "all-done" (another sign) and it's off to the tub...

7:00 - "Bedtime":  After a bubbly tub and a baby lotion rub, Lilah Belle is into her jammies and ready to be nursed for the final time before hitting the hay.  She is typically in the crib with her head on the bed by 8:00. (Papa and I trade off the dinner clean-up and bathing).  

8:00 - "Meee-time":  Before I sit down to relax for the evening, I make the rounds through the house picking up toys and straightening up.  I am one of those people that cannot hit the pillow and truly relax without addressing my OCD tendency toward some sort of organized chaos.  When Papa is at work, he and I generally spend a few minutes catching up on our days via Skype.  Tonight though, we both share a glass of wine while I immerse myself in birthday crafting.  Lilah Belle's first birthday bash is 2 weeks out and we are in full preparation mode...

10:30 - "Lights-out time":  I try to be in bed by this time, because although OnDemand Bravo is calling my name (Rachel Zoe, I need you so), I remember that whether I am tired or not, Lilah Belle's day will begin bright and early...

What's the most surprising thing about being a mom? 

How at times, it can be the most exhausting and challenging job I have ever (and probably will ever have) and yet, I wake up everyday with anticipation, ready and willing to do it all over again!  In fact, I'm not quite sure I remember what life was like before my precious daughter was born?  Lilah's smile is my "reset button" when things get tough (all God's plan I suppose) and I wouldn't have it any other way!

What advice would you give to new or soon-to-be mom's?

Trust your maternal instincts and do not fall prey to the guilt that can overwhelm you when things don't go 100% according to plan (whether that be your plan or someone else's idea of what the plan should be).   Fostering the growth of a happy, healthy human being is hard work and incredibly unpredictable - but that's life!  In the meantime though, make an effort to slow down and be present in the moment (even during the stressful times) because you will never get them back!

What are your top three baby products?

1) Halo Sleep Sacks (with swaddle).  I love Aiden & Anais swaddle blankets (they are lovely and we used those initially) but there is nothing more convenient than being able to unzip and change a diaper without ever having to break the swaddle.  Lilah no longer uses the swaddle, but still sleeps in a sleep sack every night and for every nap.

2) Bumbo.  This is probably because Lilah has eaten in hers since she could sit up on her own.  That's three meals a day plus snacks, everyday for the last 6 months.  It's super easy for clean-up (no nooks or crannies and I rinse mine in the kitchen sink) and allows her to be up and involved with meals at the dinner table.

3) "Baby-led Weaning".  I guess it's not so much of a product as it is an idea, but the book is a must if you are at all interested in this method of introducing solids.  I highly recommend BLW if you are interested in raising a baby/toddler with healthy ideas regarding solid food, a strong sense of independence and an adventurous palate! 
 If you have any questions regarding BLW I'd be happy to answer them.

Thanks Ashley for including us in "A Day In The Life..."

Thank you for sharing your day with us Tysie!


Jenny said...

I like that garland-thing at the end there for her birthday party. I was pretty shocked to read that you "practice watching cartoons" though...

Baby Shopaholic said...

Tysie and Lilah are so cute! Chickens? Pretty cool!

Tysie said...

Ha ha! It's funny that it does sound like we "practice" watching cartoons! Maybe I should look into entering Lilah into a professional cartoon watching contest - then our "practicing" would be put to good use ;)

Rhiannon said...

great blog! your daughter is so adorable. i'm with you on the mickey mouse clubhouse and jake, i have those songs stuck in my head every day!!

Noe said...

Oh My that picture in the kitchen sink is adorable! and this coming from a non 'kitchen sink fan' is remarkable!... Nice to meet you Tysie and Lilah Belle ;)