October 27, 2011

embrace the camera {play dates}

No, life is not all puppies and rainbows.  But we do keep our mornings busy which keeps me more or less sane.  We have Jenn and JT of course, but thanks to an attempt at being part of a mommy group, we also met a wonderful nanny who cares for an adorable set of twins just a couple months older than Ryann.  We are the same age and our personalities seem to mesh pretty well :o).  I am so thankful for Sarah.  Without her I know we would not get out of the house near as much.  This week we got together twice and had lots of fun.

On Monday, along with Jenn and JT and another mommy/son pair (boys, all boys, all the time.  sorry Ryann!) we made a trip to the children's farm.  But instead of wandering around all the stinky pigs and goats, we went on a little horse drawn wagon ride to their 'pumpkin hollow'.  The first thing we found?  A giant trough or something full of corn.  I think Ryann would have stayed there forever.  She loves to scoop and pour things.

Another hit was of course the giant slide.  Unfortunately you had to climb quite the tower of hay bales to get to the top, which equaled me hauling toddlers up there while Sarah was at the bottom to catch and keep everyone wrangled in one area.  Ryann would have done that a million times too, if I wasn't already sweating my butt off after like the first six trips.  Oh Kansas weather, it was like 80 degrees on Monday, 50 something yesterday.

not interested in taking pictures with me, obviously

Play date number two of the week was yesterday, and we headed over to the boys' house to paint our little pumpkins!  I wasn't sure what Ryann would really do.  The only painting she has done was at the children's discovery center.  The last time I tried to get her to paint with her hands was father's day, and she acted like I was torturing her.  But this time?  She absolutely loved it.  She was rubbing her hands together pretending she was washing them (ironic, no?), smearing paint all over her pumpkin and just having a great time.  She sat there happily painting after both boys had moved onto other activities.

ryann painting her hands instead of the pumpkin, of course.
my focus is way off, but can you see her little smile?  so happy.
she wanted me to come paint

Thanks Sarah, our play dates really are the highlight of some of our days!


ShanMall said...

I love the picture of her walking with her pumpkin! TOO CUTE!!! How fun! I miss these days!!!

Mallory said...

I'm the same way with my daughter. I pretty much always have something planned in the morning. Today is actually the only day I have nothing going on and I don't know what to do with myself.

Wendy said...

Aww.... sounds like so much fun!

Miss Mandy said...

Oh that is so sweet. Its great when you meet someone and hit if off like that. Good friends are like gold.

Amy said...

I am jealous you get to hang out with my sister so much! I wish we lived in KC too!!! I know she is super grateful to have you as well. Cute pics, looks like a lot of fun.

Ruthie Hart said...

could these pictures be ANY cuter?! I cannot wait to have kiddos and take them to a pumpkin patch :-)visiting from #embracethecamera

Baby Shopaholic said...

So much cutness going on! Love the pumpkin painting!

Sarah and Derek said...

Aawww thanks so much! Me and the boys would be bored out of our minds without you guys! I look forward to our play dates every week and hope we can continue them for a long time. It's nice having someone other then a one year old to talk to! You and Ryann will just have to come to my house and play with me and my daycare kids!

Jessica said...

the pumpkins are sooo fun...we had a blast painting ours this year too!

Mrs. Gumshoe said...

Love these pics! Found your blog through ETC and LOVE LOVE LOVE your home decor! Beautiful, sophisticated and so well put together. Well done!

Tatiana said...

She's adorable! Love the pics of her painting the pumpkins. Those are some great memories you're creating :-)

Ali said...

I love the slide picture!

Jo said...

Now on my weekend list: Let Riley paint a pumpkin. Great idea!

modern Suburbanites said...

oh my goodness! adorable photos!

Anonymous said...

looks like so much fun! Im glad to know we are not the only ones that have playdates with little boys.

Jennifer said...

Such sweet photos! I love playdates. =)

natalie said...

what a fun time!!! i love these pictures…& such adorable kiddos! looks like some awesome playdates!

Cathy said...
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