October 12, 2011

a day in the life - rebecca

Oh hello Wednesday.  You're already here?  I'm not really objecting, since Chris actually has this weekend off, but seriously, I need a few more days in this week.  Or a few more hours in the day.  Plus a little extra motivation to be productive (I did clean out my DVR last night, that should help!  :o)  But enough about me.  Meet Rebecca, mommy to Grace.  I hope you enjoy a peek at a day in her life!


Hi!  I'm Rebecca from Daily Rebecca.  I've been married to my wonderful husband Andy for over 8 years and we've been blessed with a daughter, Grace Ellen, who is 15 months old.  I'm a full time working mom, so our days are very busy, but I work for a wonderful company and an even more wonderful boss, so I'm very blessed to have the schedule I do.  Three days per week I work half the day from home and the other half at the office.  The other two days are spent working from home the whole day.  Here's a peek at one of my split days!

7:30 - The alarm goes off and, in a half conscious state, I try to figure out what day it is.  When I realize it's not Saturday I groan and roll over.  "Just 5 more minutes" I say, but my husband Andy is already at work.  He works part time at an assisted living center, passing medication to elderly folks with memory loss.  All the old ladies flirt with him, but I know who he comes home to ;)
7:48 - I've already snoozed twice and am about to lose any time I might have to get going before Grace wakes up, so I muster up the motivation to get up and start some coffee.

The mug says, "I've been on a few diets because I can't get enough to eat on just one!"
8:00 - I've brewed a single cup of french press coffee for myself.  I bought the french press for Andy at Christmas and the coffee is so unbelievably delicious that we put our old Bunn coffeemaker in the basement and haven't looked back.  A splash of hazelnut creamer and I'm good to go.  (except I'm dying for a piece of that triple-layer chocolate cake you see on the counter, but I somehow manage to resist!)  I flip open my laptop to see if I have any urgent emails and I hear Grace starting to stir.

She's happy even though she's sporting a black eye from falling on her plastic shapes container :(
8:15 - Grace is up and her diaper is changed.  She generally wakes up happy and hungry so I get her breakfast ready.  Today it's oatmeal with banana and a sippy cup of whole, organic milk.  Coffee and whole wheat toast with peanut butter for me.  I've been on a weight loss journey that's pretty slow going, so I'm trying to stick to my calorie budget today. 

8:35 - Breakfast is over and Grace is cleaned up.  She's been a finicky eater lately, but breakfast is usually a home run which I'm so thankful for!  Now she starts pulling all of her toys out to play while I get ready for work.  Because I'm working from home this morning I don't have to commute until later so I take a few minutes before 9:00 to pull myself together.  I showered yesterday, so I really just need to freshen up my hair and do my makeup.  I tend to throw my clothes on right before I leave so that I don't get hit with random juice splatters or sticky snack fingers :)

9:00 - The work day has officially begun.  Grace plays in the living room (which is also my home office) and I check all the emails that have come in since last night (how are there 33??) and start planning out my day. 
"Fingers in" means she's sleepy.  Obviously she'd rather read than play with my iPhone.  Good girl!
10:30 - With the exception of a few tearful moments due to tripping or not being able to reach, grab, push or pull something, Grace has been playing in the living room, hallway and her bedroom while I work.  Our house is pretty small, so I can pretty much see her the whole time :)  Her fingers are in her mouth now (her substitution for a paci) so I know she's tired.  I check her diaper and lay her down for her morning nap or "rest time" as it sometimes ends up being.  I keep plugging away with work and start prepping to make all my phone calls while she's asleep.

11:15 - It took her a while, but Grace is finally napping.  I make a bunch of phone calls (most people answer today, yay! -- Leaving voicemails and having them call me back later when Grace is being loud is not ideal!)

12:20 - Grace starts to stir from her nap and I've got a few more minutes till Andy gets home for work.  I get Grace out of bed, move my laptop to the dining room and get her set up with lunch.  Almond butter and strawberry jam sandwich and avocado for her and they're ordering a small greek salad for me at the office.  My boss buys lunch for everyone when he's in the office (generous much?!) so I keep plugging away at the report I'm reviewing while Grace eats.

She loves her avocado!  That's the highchair I used when I was a baby :)
12:30 - Andy is home from work and takes over lunch duty while I wrap up my current project, throw on my work outfit and head out the door.  He takes great care of Grace while I'm at the office and it's so nice knowing she's getting quality time with him before he starts med school next year and gets really busy.

I've lost a few pounds and boy are these pants looking baggy! 
12:40 - I'm on the road.  It takes just under 20 minutes to get to the office from my house.  Most people are at lunch so I don't miss much while I'm getting from point A to B.

1:00 - I'm at my desk eating my salad while I work.  My co-workers are fun people, so the banter in the office is usually entertaining.  We work in the banking industry so things get tense and deadlines loom, but we manage to have fun sometimes too!

5:50 - One of the best times in my day.  Coming home to my sweet hubby and baby girl waiting for me.

6:00 - Time to make dinner.  Tonight is Roasted Veggie Quinoa and I can't wait for it to be ready because I'm hungry!

7:45 - Grace's bedtime.  We cuddle, read a few books, give her a sippy of milk and then lay her down.  She's a really good sleeper and didn't nap this afternoon so she's out without even a peep.

8:00 - Andy and I are hopelessly addicted, so we watch a few episodes of Mad Men on Netflix and munch on some stove-popped popcorn.  Butter and salt for him and salt and lime for me.  Yum!

We have to watch it on the laptop because our TV is on the fritz.  Repair man coming this week!
11:00 - We squeezed in one more episode than we should have, so it's later than usual when we head to bed to read before falling asleep and starting again tomorrow!

Thanks to Ashley for letting me share my day with all of you!


1. What is the most surprising thing about being a mom?

How it totally changed my perspective on everything.  Having the perfect house, body or wardrobe doesn't seem important anymore.  Being joyful, generous and content are what really matter to me instead of all the superficial crap I used to think about.

Also, being so enamored with everything about my little girl.  I can literally watch her do anything for long stretches without getting bored.

2. What advice would you give to new or soon-to-be moms?

Go easy on yourself.  It's going to take time to figure our your baby and get into a routine.  Don't worry about what other people think and trust your instincts.  Also, read Baby Wise.  It gave me the greatest gift ever: a happy baby who was a good sleeper.  Take it with a grain of salt, but it works!

3. What are your top 3 baby products?

I loved our video monitor.  I was cheap and registered for the bedside monitor instead of the handheld, and really regretted that, but being able to see her any time was great!

Colic Calm saved my sanity when Grace was inexplicably fussy in the early days.  It's natural and safe and not full of sugar so I swear by this particular brand of gripe water.

Our nursery glider.  I hate the look of these things and prefer the "armchair looking" nursery chairs.  But a wise mom told me I'd love the glider in the middle of the night because it was tall enough to support my neck and the rocking was effortless.  She was right.  I still think it's ugly, but I love it.


Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your day with us!

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Anonymous said...

What a complete pleasure for an "older" Mom like me to read! I loved every single word of your description Rebecca...and thank you Ashley for inviting her onto your blog!