October 30, 2011

week in iphone pics

I swear whenever I go to write these posts, I can't believe it was just last week.  Some of these things seemed like they happened forever ago!


Ryann thinks the bike rack outside the gym is a tunnel to play in.  If she is lucky enough to be walking (not carried) when we leave she runs straight for it.  I'm really liking this forward facing in the car thing (we were in a parking lot, NOT driving, fyi).  I can talk about what I'm seeing and she can usually see it too.  Car rides suck a little less now.  We had a dinner date at PF Changs with some friends.  Ryann enjoyed playing with some chop sticks, but refused to try any food.  And she thinks being outside in the dark is one of the coolest things ever.


We started our day with a pumpkin patch trip (well actually we started at the gym, but I think that is a given these days).  At lunch Ryann decided it was an awesome idea to dip her bunny grahams in ketchup.  And it must of been good because she ate a ton of them that way.  Yuck.  Ryann was obviously a big help while I watered flowers.  We left a little message on the driveway for daddy.  And bath time is just so much more fun with daddy, she loves it.


A Toys 'R' Us catalog came in the mail so I gave it to Ryann.  She got really excited about anything that looked like a castle.  I have no idea where she developed a love for castles...  Looking pretty stellar on the way to the Plaza.  We had a fun little photo sesh while Grammy did some shopping.  Grammy brought the penguin costume, man I have myself a cute little penguin!!  And you know, just organizing her army of little minions :o).


Whew.  Finally got in a workout/run that felt GOOD since the half.  Still a walk run combo, but I ran one of the miles in 8:20.  I'm hoping to throw in an 8 minute mile in the next couple of weeks! Pumpkin painting, oh so much fun.  We definitely need to do more arts & crafts, she had such a good time.  At lunch she cheesed it up so I could send a cute picture to daddy.  After a rock star nap (like 3 hours or something) we got to work on our pumpkin snickerdoodles.


Ryann was determined to get her own bags out the door for school.  When she realized she couldn't pick them up she just pushed them around the house.  Damn freaking squirrels.  I never knew squirrels ate pumpkins.  I'm incredibly glad we didn't waste our time carving them.  A little girl in Ryann's class brought sugar cookies for everyone.  I thought about just giving them to Chris, but decided Ryann and I could share them instead.  I think she approved of my decision.  We took a little trip to Target (why not right?).  Ryann picked out some stickers, I picked out a mini magnadoodle.  I thought it would make a good car toy.  Ryann told me she was drawing penguins.  I love her.


I dragged Ryann into the kitchen so I could clean because she was taking FOREVER to eat her breakfast.  Probably because she wasn't feeling so great and opted to act goofy instead of eat.  I cured that (kind of) with a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I finished packing for Grammy's house.  Ryann was pretty pleased when we got there, she had her Grammy, a new book and new stickers.  Major score.  A little retail therapy was necessary when I realized I forgot a bra (I was in workout gear when we came, packing fail), so we had lunch in the food court.  My mom is a rock star, putting the finishing touches on my Halloween costume.  I meant to go to bed early, but had a little fashion show for myself... enjoying my new Old Navy coat.


Ryann slept until 7:30.  I'm sure that is still early for some of you with children that sleep like teenagers, but it was amazing.  Too bad it is because she is a little sicky right now.  We had a little stamp marker fun, and indulged Ryann in some more Mickey since she is feeling super crappy.  Not too crappy of course for a trip to Target.  Too bad you can't really see her adorable boots.  We tried to go to a Halloween party where my dad's band (yep, he is in a band, and dressed as Woody) was going to play.  But Ry only last about 30 minutes or so before she was asking to go to Grammy's and go to bed.  Poor girl.  We made sure to try on our new hat before getting in the bath though.  Can't wait until I get some better pictures of it, the hat is SO cute.

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Jennifer said...

Your daughter is just to adorable! And I love your new coat. I've been looking for one but haven't found the "perfect" one.

Tara said...

where did you get those "dipping" plates in monday's pic? My little guy loves to dip everything, those would be perfect!

modern Suburbanites said...

adorable photos, looks like a great week!