October 8, 2011

i thought good things came in threes...

'Twas a tough week this week.  And at the same time I would say it was great.  There were lots of tears (from Ryann).  THREE of her 'I' teeth are pushing their way in.  Her poor little gums are red and swollen.  She smashed her little nose into something (the floor, the media console, the coffee table) THREE different times. She had her 18 month check-up, which meant THREE shots.


The official stats from the doc:  24 pounds 15 ounces (can't believe my peanut is pushing 25 pounds!) and 32 inches tall.  That puts her in the 59th percentile for weight and 62nd percentile for height.  Nice and proportionate :o).  Her head circumference, however, is in the 73rd percentile.  She needs room for that smart little (big?) brain of hers!

This doctor's appointment was definitely one of the worst as far as tears go.  And it also happens to be probably only the second (maybe the first?) appointment that I've taken Ryann to by myself.  We made it through the first nurse and the doctor without too much trouble (but she didn't particularly enjoy it either).  But when the nurse came in for the shots Ryann already knew what was up.  And man, that kid is strong.  I basically had to lay on her while the nurse pinned her legs down to keep her from squirming away.  We all hated it.  Lots and lots and lots of tears.  I felt terrible.

pre-shots, obviously.  giving me her ornery eyes.

But even with all the not fun stuff this week, Ryann has maintained her adorableness (well, and sass), of course.  Lately we are getting a lot more unprompted "Sank (thank) you mommy!  Sank you daddy!"  And one night after Chris said "I love you" when tucking her in, I heard her respond "I love you too Daddy."  My heart turned into a puddle right then and there.  It was so sweet.


Sorry it was kind of a crappy week for you kiddo.  I LOVE YOU!


Megan said...

I love the pictures of her!! And poor thing, hopefully next week is better

Jessa said...

Look at those eyes!

Sarah and Derek said...

Sorry you had a rough week Ryann!! Hope vacay is making up for it!