October 9, 2011

week in iphone pics

If you saw my post from yesterday, you know this week definitely had it's fare share of not fun moments.  But thankfully it ended pretty well with a little vacation for Ryann and I.


When I came back from my long run I found Ry Ry and Daddy snuggling on the couch.  I think that pictures gives a preview of her mood for the rest of the week.  Sad, uncomfortable and needy.  I devoured my favorite post long run sandwich, peanut butter nutella banana toast.  YUM!  Ryann was a little mooch and tried to steal all of Daddy's chips at lunch.  After dinner we went on a walk and stopped at the nearby elementary school to play on the playground.  Ryann had a fabulous time.  And was NOT happy to leave when it was time to head home.  We bribed her with a piece of cake.  Good news, the cake is full of carrots and zucchini and contains no white sugar.  Not to mention I left off the frosting.  :o)


Really, Ryann was such a gem during a trip to Target.  Obviously.  I've been gathering fake pumpkins with the hopes of attempting something like this.  Ryann thought they were the coolest things ever, and kept saying "Pumpkins!  Pumpkins!  It Halloween!"  Love it.  We were on our own all evening, so we took a trip to the park and took cute dinner time pictures for Daddy.  Plus a little post bath photo session.


No joke, Ryann woke up asking for her buckle monkey.  She loves that thing.  And check out that sweet little peanut that came to play with us (along with her mommy of course).  Unfortunately I learned that Ryann is NOT a fan of me holding other babies.  There was lots of crying, screaming and "Get Baby Harper down!  Put her down!"  Suppose we're going to have to start working on that.  I didn't thinks she'd react that way!  She was extra ornery during lunch, but not so happy when we had to go to the doctor after nap :o(.


Whoops.  You think I put a little too much soap in the sink with this pan?  I took Ryann to school on Wednesday because we weren't going to be around on Thursday.  But I picked her up early so she could nap at home, thinking that would get her a better nap.  Unfortunately her teeth had other plans.  When Daddy got home Ryann decided he needed some beads.  Oh, and that cat?  It isn't ours.  I think it is our neighbors.  But it has been hanging out on our porch all the time lately.  It's a cute cat, but mine are already driving me nuts.  I don't need any more, thank you very much.  Another evening park trip put a smile on Ryann's face.


Georgia bound!!  Ryann did some people watching in the KC airport while plowing through a HUGE cup of strawberries.  I was a little worried about carrying all of our stuff... I may have looked like a fool, but this car seat travel bag was awesome.  Way more effective than dragging around a car seat covered in trash bags.  We will see how it holds up!  Ryann finally conked out in the car around 5pm on our way to Grammy's house.  She was so happy to be in Georgia with Grammy and Papa.


After a 4.5 mile run, I grabbed some breakfast, my parents and Ryann, and we headed out for a little walk.  Then some beach time, hooray!  Ryann LOVES to dig dig dig in the sand.  Last time we were here she didn't really want to touch it with her hands, this time she is all over it.  At lunch she tried to eat a pile of sugar packets.  Don't worry, we didn't let her.


Another morning walk followed by some park time.  Ryann loves the park so much.  Ry also got to spend some quality times with another one of her obsessions, talking Tom on Auntie Lorin's phone.  Seriously, she loves that thing so much it is absolutely ridiculous.  We were going to get some awesome ice cream after dinner, but the shop was close do to equipment failure.  Lame.  So we had some sherbet at home.  After she finished her own, Ryann mooched some more from everyone else.  Typical.

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Chelsea said...

What a little cutie! It looks like you guys had a great week :)

Kelly said...

That travel bag is such a smart idea! Hope it held up :)

Linkie Lueville said...

How sweet!! Talking Tom is the devil! ha ah! My daughter is obsessed.