October 16, 2011

week in iphone pics

Man we had a lot going on this week!!  Until I uploaded all the pictures I didn't realize how busy we had been.  It definitely makes time fly.


Really the theme of the day was I run because I like to eat.  After finishing an 11 miler, I was a bit indecisive about what I wanted for breakfast.  I ended up with scrambled egg whites, a mini peanut butter banana sandwich, and a slice of toast with pumpkin butter.  YUM.  Oh and of course a picture of me with my delicious dinner, teryaki steak and scallops.  SO FREAKING GOOD.  Whenever Ryann hears Auntie Lorin's name, "Play with Tom?" comes out of her mouth.  She loves all of the talking people on Auntie Lorin's phone.  Oh, and the eating frenzy continues with some ridiculously good ice cream.  I had monster mash (vanilla ice cream with a whole bunch of Halloween candy mixed in) and chocolate covered potato chip, which is definitely my favorite.


Time to head back to good ol' Kansas!  Ryann enjoyed hanging out with papa on the plane.  During our layover in Nashville Ryann found 'Abby Cabby Dabby' and was beyond thrilled.  But nothing could top the airport 'playground'.  She definitely wore herself out and CRASHED on the plane, she was asleep before we took off and didn't wake up until we landed an over an hour later.  That night she was very happy to be back with her daddy again.  Those two can melt my heart like nothing else.


Looking extra hot (ha.) while eating snack in the car.  We had to eat on the go so we could meet up with our buddies at the library for story time.  I think the kids enjoyed the toys a bit more.  It was a perfect fall afternoon so Ryann and I spent well over an hour playing outside (she has the bug bites to prove it).  I made my own little chalk pumpkin patch on the driveway.  You're impressed by my skills, I know it.  I have no idea why it took her this long, but Ryann finally figured out how to climb on the ottoman in her room.  After she tried to surf on it (thanks for that one Grammy and Papa) it was immediately relocated to the basement.


It was a long (but nice day) with just Ryann and me.  We read lots of books, hit up the gym, played at the park, ran some errands, the good stuff.  Lately when we lay Ryann down to sleep, she asks to seep in the corner.  She loves to lay with her head shoved up against the rails and her feet hanging out the side.  Doesn't that sound comfortable?  Oh and her new favorite thing?  Taking everything out of the pantry and lining it up on the floor.  We really need to lock that thing.  Me giving Ryann a bath usually results in a post bath photo session.  She is funny.


HOORAY!  The hat for Ryann's Halloween costume arrived in the mail.  Isn't she going to make such a cute penguin?  Oh, I may or may not have been bribing her with marshmallows to keep it on.  She may or may not have been screaming at me for more in the second picture.  Then she ran out of the room and tried to shut the door on me.  For dinner I cooked up some just eh stir fry, but the pile of fresh veggies made me happy.


Friday was kind of an awesome day.  It was one of the first days in a long time that we didn't go to the gym and didn't have anything pressing in the morning.  So Ryann enjoyed some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I got dressed and put on some make-up before noon.  It was awesome.  We stopped by my friend's office to grab my race packet (thanks for picking it up Jill!) and Ryann managed to get a sucker out of the deal.  She LOVED it.  Until it was gone of course.  Then she cried for 20 minutes, no joke.  We hit up Home Depot for some mums.  Since my pots have been empty (or full of dead plants, whatever) for months.  When Ryann went down for her nap I attempted to work on my fall mantel (didn't really turn out how I wanted) and edited lots of photos.  Oh, did you know?  Bowls are hats.  Duh.


Saturday, Saturday.  What did I do on Saturday?  Oh yeah.  I ran 13.1 miles.  Woot woot!  Half marathon complete!  I sucked at taking pictures, but did manage to end up with this lovely shot of me with my post race breakfast.  I inhaled a plate of eggs, bacon and french toast.  Man it tasted so good.

Saturday evening we had friends over for dinner and to carve pumpkins.  I never ended up carving my pumpkin, but the food and friends were great and lots of fun.  Wish I had some pictures!

And that sums it up.  What was the best part of your week?

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Erin said...

Several comments - First, CONGRATS on the half - way to go!

I LOVEEEEEEE that pic of Ryann with her hands on Christopher's face - so adorable!

Ryann as penguin is to die for :) I'm lame and Annie will be wearing one of her costumes from last year because it still fits - ha!

Annie has that same shirt in Friday's outfit, plus a matching hoodie - love it.

Sarah said...

omg that picture of Ryann and her daddy after bath is sssooo cute! Can't wait to see her in her little costume! Not sure what the boys are being yet.

Jenny said...

Congrats on your half!!!

Random question - is your yellow nursery chair stained, or was that just a shadow? I've always loved that chair, and we're now planning a nursery, but... I don't really want a chair that picks up the dye from our pants!

Chelsea said...

Congrats on your race! That's amazing!! And that yellow shirt that Ryann's wearing? My daughter has the same one :) Love it!

Megan said...

Congrats on your first half that is awesome!! I am going to either run my first 5K or 10K this coming up weekend. Depending on how my week of running goes this week!! I love your post about running! And Ryann is so cute!

JIllian said...

AMAZING job on Saturday! I was so happy to see you there! Sorry Ry was so upset about her sucker getting finished off but feel free to stop by anytime for more. BTW, we hit up the "Big Biscuit" for post half marathon breakfast on Saturday and it was awesome. :) I definitely recommend giving it a try.

Kelly said...

Ok, I can say this because my own baby is a boy, but you might just have the cutest daughter in the entire world. Her facial expressions and mannerisms just crack me up!

Ashley said...


Ugh, yes. Unfortunately it is stained. I don't think we had the chair scotch guarded or whatever it is they can do. Big mistake. I love love love the chair, it is nice and comfy. But it definitely sucks that I pretty much ruined it. I have a feeling we'll get it recovered or something for the next babe, so it isn't the end of the world, but it bites.

Meg said...

First - Congrats on the half! That's AWESOME!
Second - I love the pic of Ry sleeping in her crib...my M sleeps the same way...always shoved in the corner with her feet hanging out!