August 31, 2011

a day in the life - amy

Oh boy.  It has been quite the morning.  But before I fill you in on all those details, you my friends, get to enjoy a peek at Amy's life!  I've loved reading Amy's blog for quite a while now, Parker is adorable, Amy keeps it real, and she is trying to live a healthy lifestyle, which of course is right up my alley.  Hope you enjoy her day!

good morning friends!  

i'm amy, from a good life.  i'm pretty excited to be sharing a typical day in my life with you guys over here at The Domestic Wannabe.  it turned into a bit of a photo journal, so i hope you don't mind looking at my cute little man's face over & over for the next couple minutes.  but really, that's pretty much what my day looks like, so how can you complain?  you can't.

here we go.

7:30 am:
if i'm lucky i'm up a few minutes before parker wakes up.  i throw in my contacts, use the ladies room & then go scoop the little guy outta bed.

8:00 am:
nine days out of ten he wakes up like this.  it's going to be a good day.

8:30 am:
we eat breakfast.  today it's yogurt, toast & eggs for parker, a strawberry-chocolate protein smoothie for me.  same thing i have everyday.

9:30 am:
stroller strides.  an hour of working out for me, about half an hour of playground time for p-ray.  win-win.

11:00 am:
errands.  today it's the fabric store.  i'm working on a little somethin-somethin for this guy's room.

12:00 pm:
back home for lunch.  parker had a turkey cheese melt with applesauce & grapes today.  i had some leftover homemade pizza from last night.  yum yum yum.

1:00 pm:
parker goes down for his nap after some stories & a diaper change.  i pick up the house a bit, shower & then RELAX.

2:00 pm:
i get an idea for a health/fitness post & take some selfies for the blog.

3:30 pm:
i hear a little "mommy?" come from parker's room.  nap time's over!  i go get this warm groggy little boy out of his bed & get him ready for some more running around.

4:30 pm:
we need to pick up a few groceries so sam meets us at costco on his way home from work.  our family has a weird affinity for costco.  it's probably the samples.

5:30 pm:
we get back home to make dinner.  sam & parker get some wrestling in while dinner cooks.

6:00 pm:
dinner's ready!  today it's corn on the cob, oven fried red potatoes, & sam's bbq-ed salmon.

6:45 pm:
it's a gorgeous night which is kinda rare here in the pacific northwest, so we head out for a little family walk to the park.  parker & sam play some one-on-one & i snap pictures.  that's pretty much how it always goes.

7:45 pm:
one of us gives parker a bath & gets him ready for bed {we take turns}.  it's pajamas, teeth-brushing, stories, songs, prayers then bed.

8:30 pm:
parker's in bed & we can hear him singing himself to sleep.  sam & i watch our shows on dvr & relax.

10:00 pm:
sam goes to bed & i get a couple hours of a quiet house with the computer to myself.  i read blogs, write posts, facebook, return emails, edit pictures & get on pinterest.

12:00 am:
as much as i'd love to continue to do my thing for another couple hours {ok, sometimes i do}, tonight i make myself go to bed.  i'm totally a night owl & love this time to myself, but i know a certain little boy will keep me to my 7:30 am wake up call!  so it's off to bed with me.

and now for ashley's famous "three questions":

1.  what is the most surprising thing about being a mom?

i'd have to say i'm continually surprised at what a stereotypical cliche mom i have turned out to be.  there are a bajillion things i thought i'd never do, or i though i'd never be "that" mom, & i totally am.  the one that thinks her kid is cute with spaghetti all over his face, or the mom that has to plan her day around naptime, or leave a party early to get home for bedtime, or who is continually poking her husband in the ribs saying, "look at the baby!  look at the baby!  he's so cute."  yup, that's me.

2.  what advice would you give new or soon-to-be moms?

ah man, this is so hard because when i was a soon-to-be mom i never listened to advice.  i didn't think it would apply to me.  ya know, since we all think we're the exception.  i think new moms need to just experience a lot of the "new" things themselves & figure it out on their own.  however, one thing i always encourage new moms is to take a break when they can.  accept help when it's offered.  one of the best things i did as a new mom was to allow a friend to bring me dinner when we brought parker home from the hospital.  that home cooked meal was one of the best i'd ever eaten.

3.  what are your top three baby products?

number one:  my BOB.  i got it off craigslist & i'm so happy i have it every single time i go running, shopping, traveling, whatever.  best stroller ever.

number two:  squeezy pouches.  doesn't matter what brand (plum organics, happy baby, trader joe's, whatever).  they are the best on-the-go healthy snack EVER.

number three: a white-noise machine.  we use the soundspa lullaby thinga-ma-jinger from target (although we've gone through about four of them).  we take it with us whenever we travel, or crank it up when we have company & parker sleeps like a champ.  i love that it helps to give him the same environment no matter where he is & keeps his sleeping arrangements feeling like home, whether we're at a hotel, a friend's, or at grandma's.

well that's it!  thanks for following me through my day!  let me know if you've done a post like this, i'd love to see it.  and make sure you come on by my blog to say hi... i'd love to meet you!


Thank you, Amy, for sharing your day with us!


Baby Shopaholic said...

What a cute baby! Amy is so cute too!

Katie said...

I love the idea of "Day in the Life". I might have to see if I can photo journal my day.

hilljean said...

Great pictures! Looks a lot like my life--minus the glasses ;) So cute. I'm already following Amy, but I'm adding The Domestic Wannabe for sure. Yay for new blogs to read!

Kristin said...

this is so cute!! I love post like these and I just love Amy and her blog! Loving your blog and so excited to add you to my list of must read blogs!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love Amy's blog! And this was a fun post to see her day.

We have a white noise machine too, and also travel with it, don't think we could live without it!

Theresa DiPinto said...

Love Amy. Following you now too!

Carolyn said...

I already follow Amy's blog but loved checking out your blog. Loved reading what your day in the life looks like Amy :)

Rhiannon said...

this is so so cute, what a great post!

Faith said...

Love love love this post!! :) I have been working on something similar but still need pics for the evening - LOVE the font and how BRIGHT these photos are - awesome font on the photos too.

Meg said...

Aw I love her blog this was a really neat post!!

Danni Meyers said...

Awe that's awesome. Cute post Amy, thanks for sharing!

Mallory said...

Such a cute post- great idea. I came over from Amy's blog.