July 27, 2011

a day in the life - elaine

For the record?  Residency is lame.  And we aren't even a month in... moving on... Today you get to peek at Elaine's day.  I hope you enjoy!


Hi everyone! I'm Elaine from My First Baby Bump! Thank you to Ashley for featuring us today! My husband Ryan and I have a very active 15 month old little boy Paul. Here is a peek at our day!

7:00- The alarm goes off.... for my husband! Both of us are teachers so we are off for the summer, but my husband has been teaching summer school for the past few weeks. I get up and make some coffee, check emails, and catch up on some blogs!

8:00- I get dressed for the day and I can't believe Paul is still sleeping. I think since we've been on summer break he has really taken advantage of sleeping in. I just love him for that!

8:45- I have to wake up my little man because we've got things to do and people to meet! As you can see, he doesn't really like this idea!

8:55- We are up dressed and ready to go! I start making breakfast and realize it is very quiet. I find Paul playing in the bathroom cabinets. Obviously.

9:00- Breakfast consists of an organic apple pop tart and grapes. Paul eats pretty well but we always know when he is done because he starts throwing food across the room. Thank goodness we have a dog to help with this clean-up.

9:15- We are in the car and off for story time at the library. We read books, sing songs, and have a little playtime! We check out some new books and are on our way!

10:15- Since we are so close to the high school my husband and I both work at, we pop in to say hi to Daddy!

And do some important school work!

11:00- Off to Target for a refill of milk, diapers, and a cute shirt I found in the sale rack!

11:45- Home again and time for lunch. Today on the menu is pesto tortellini and banana! He loves this meal, but I don't love the cleanup. I find pesto everywhere for the next few hours!

12:10- A little ride on the motorcycle and then it is nap time. We just transitioned Paul to one nap and we were promised an afternoon of bliss and hours and hours of a sleeping baby. This really hasn't happened. Maybe it is because he is sleeping in so long in the morning, and this nap will get better when we go back to work? I hope so! During nap time, I clean up a bit, fold some laundry, and catch up with the Kardashians. Ryan gets home and starts doing man stuff like mowing the lawn and pulling weeds. I help out by taking a little snooze of my own.

2:45- Up from our nap. A little diaper change and we are moving at full speed. We have a little snack of milk and goldfish and do a little reading!

3:00- More playtime, we stack blocks, sing songs, read books, and play with mom's phone. If you all have the iPhone, you need to download the Peek-a-boo barn app. Paul LOVES it!

4:00- Time for a little walk to the park. Paul loves being outside, so I make an effort everyday to make those dreams come true. Today we do a little swinging and he learned how to go down the slide by himself. Scared me a little, but he was extremely proud of himself!

5:00- Home and time for dinner. Tonight is Amy's Organic Mac and Cheese and broccoli. I feel better feeding Paul mac and cheese when the word organic is in front of it. He eats and then feeds the leftovers to the dog. Those two are constantly conspiring against us!

5:30- I leave the house for my yoga class. I try to do yoga everyday because it gives me a little time to myself. While I am gone I think the boys do a lot of testosterone filled activities such as wrestling. It is probably better I don't know all the details!

7:00- I'm home from yoga and it is bath time. Paul absolutely loves the water- splashing, kicking, so bath time is a favorite!

7:30- bedtime! After bath time we put on some pajamas, read books, and have a little more milk. We have a few snuggles before I put him in bed. He usually has to cry for a couple of minutes, but by 7:35 he's out like a light!

Ryan and have dinner. Tonight was turkey sandwiches. Try not to be jealous of my culinary creations. We clean up and catch up on some important TV like The Bachelorette. Please don't judge my TV choices!

A little blogging, emails, I will probably be in bed before 10. I'm a real party animal!!

1) What is the most surprising thing about being a mom?
How much you can love someone. I didn't know love like this existed. Even though some days are long and I feel like all I do is pick up toys, when Paul laughs, or smiles, or learns something new, my heart just swells with intense love.
2) What is some advice you'd give to new or soon-to-be moms?
Take time for yourself. Nurture your friends. Go on dates with your husband. Get out of the house. You know what is best for you- trust your instincts. Drink wine.

3) What are your top three baby products?
a) The swing. When Paul was real little, this is where he took all his naps. He loved it and I loved naps, so everyone won!
b) Sophie the giraffe. When we received this at a baby shower, I couldn't figure out what the big fuss was about, but Paul was obsessed with the giraffe!
c) Something that makes white noise. At first we had a little sheep sound machine and now we just turn the humidifier on high and I think it really helps drown out the noise of the house. Blackout curtains are also a HUGE help in the sleep department. Invest in these immediately!

Thank you so much for sharing the day with us!


Thank you for sharing with us Elaine!


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Happy Family. He is very awesome and I am sure that he is gonna be very handsome in his future life. But overall all the photos are stunning and exciting.

Nikki said...

Hah! I love the Drink Wine advice...totally true

Kat said...

Love it!! And you are probably correct about the testosterone while you are at yoga. I know that is totally what my boys do ;)