July 24, 2011

week in iphone pics

Whew!  There is a lot.


I was bummed because this friends, was my bed head.  It looked pretty dang decent.  And I was going to ruin it with a workout.  Ryann was still in awe of her Minne doll.  Later the crazy little lady decided she wanted to sit in my sink.  We met up with some boys and their nanny (hi Sarah!) at Monkey Bizness for a little playtime.


To save ourselves from Chris's long hours, Ryann and I headed to my parents.  Ry helped grammy keep track of the list during our ridiculously long grocery store trip (I'm picky and Ryann and I can eat a lot of food, it takes a bit to get it all sorted out :o).  Later we picked up a coloring book at Target, along with a giant pad of paper.  Ryann LOVES the itsy bitsy spider on the iPad.  A little water play was a great end to the evening.


We headed to the park at 8am in an attempt to beat the heat (it was still pretty warm).  They had a slide that Ry could manage all by herself.  She was in heaven.  She discovered the joys of licking ketchup off her fingers.  During nap time I did some sun worshiping in the pool.  Ryann had insisted that Minny take a nap with her.  She discovered she could push buttons with her face.  The little one was a punk and refused to share her grapes with papa, but lucky for her she looks cool in shades.


Thursday morning I headed out for a 3 mile run, and promptly turned around to do the workout on the treadmill.  It was HOT at 6am!  We made a morning trip to the Children's Discovery Center.  A little light afternoon reading after Ry figured out how to climb on to the couch.  And some pool time in warmer than bath temp water.


Ryann lounged around with Mickey on the laptop after breakfast, so that mommy and grammy could eat of course.  Some after breakfast coloring with Nikki kitty.  We drove back home and Ryann wanted to play in her crib, with ALL of her stuffed animals.  Finally seeing daddy after a long week.   Ahhh love, so sweet.


Saturday morning grocery trip equals food samples.  Ryann danced in the cart while eating bread and BRISKET!  Sometimes she just wants daddy to hold her like a baby.  Ry enjoys catching fuzzes in the air (uh, yes, dust particles, I know).  Practicing the climbing skills.


YUM yum yum.  Brunch at Cheesecake Factory.  Ryann scored a plate of bread and bananas and several 'she's so cute!'s within five minutes of being there.  A not so good picture of the brunch group.  Grandma 'Nita and Great Grandma stopped by this afternoon, she doesn't know I snapped that pic :o).  My child is addicted to Pixar movies.  Usually Toy Story 3, Kung Fu Panda, Cars or Monsters Inc.  Blame her daddy.  I sigh and shake my head every time.

Hope you enjoyed the quick recap.  Now a most likely dumb question for any flickr users out there.  Is there a way for me to set the width on my pictures, other than the drop down menu on the share section?  I want my pictures to always be 500 pixels wide.  I'd appreciate any help.

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Serenia said...

OMG-looks like you all had a pretty great week! Love that round belly by the water table :)

I miss nap times-Kylie won't take them anymore...AND it has been WAY hot here to run as well. I've been heading out by 5:30 every morning!

ariel said...

You have become such an inspiration for me! I understand waking up with great hair, I have been coming into work lately with right out of the shower hair :(