July 24, 2011

she can count & other videos

I meant to put this post up yesterday.  But then I forgot.  So you get two today.  I know.  You're super excited :o).

I'm 95% sure that I forgot to mention this, but on July 3rd we discovered that Ryann could count to ten.  (That sounds really dramatic including the date and all, but of course I need it for memory keeping purposes :o).  The weekend of the fourth I had been trying to teach Ryann to respond to the 'how old are you' question with, of course, one!  She finally got it down.  So when we finally woke up her daddy a little later, I asked her, 'Ryann, how old are you?'  She eagerly replied 'one!!'  I said 'That's right!  You are one!'  And then she said 'twoooo'.  Chris and I looked at each other baffled.  So I repeated her, 'two?'  She said 'threeeee'.  This continued all the way to eight.  We were surprised and impressed.

Now she can make it to ten.  She still won't go farther than two all by herself, but she definitely knows her numbers!  She can also recognize one, five, eight and nine when she sees them.  The grocery store is an exciting place now :o).  Here is a video of her counting.

Ry can also recognize all of the letters.  She gets tripped up on E a lot, and sometimes a few others, but for the most part she has it down.  And she can get through almost the whole alphabet in the same fashion she does numbers, I repeat what she said, and she tells me the next letter.  This video is of her doing flash cards.  And sorry if these videos are choppy.  On my computer they look funny in firefox, but fine in safari.

And just a couple other randoms.  I tried to show Ryann how penguins walk.  Here is her version:

Bedtime at our house isn't calm and quiet.  For some reason that is when Ry is the most giggly, so we go with it.

I should be back soon with our week in iphone pics.  Depends on how long it takes me to weed them down.  I took several...


Kelly said...

Holy cow. I know you can't compare girls and boys but this makes me think I need to work with Carter more! Ryann is such a smarty!!! How often do you do flash cards with her?

Karlene said...

Dang your daughter is a genius. I feel lazy now lol.

Amber @ Happiness is Eva said...

Wow!!! I'm impressed! Ryann is only a couple of months older than Eva and it's amazing to think what she will be doing next.

Just a couple of questions:

Where did you get those alphabet flash cards? And what process did you use to teach her numbers and letters? Did you introduce the letters in groups and once she had mastered those, introduce another set. Or did you simply go through the complete alphabet?

I'd love to know!

Thanks, Amber

Megan said...

Yeah I agree...Timmy (2-10-10) grunts and points. NO way would he ever tell me letters. He just started saying BOO lol

I think it's a boy thing...My daughter was crazy freakishly smart and I keep comparing Timmy to her (bad mommy!)

Maybe I need flashcards!

Kristal said...

Ummmm...THIS IS INSANE!! Seriously, is your child a genius?

Ashley said...

I picked up those flash cards a couple weeks ago in the Target dollar section. We don't really do them often. Honestly we just have a book with the alphabet in it, and I would say I pointed them out to her once or twice a day for a while.

Maybe I should go over what we've done in another post... But the fact of the matter is no kids are alike. She just happens to love learning this stuff, and has an absurd memory. She surprises us all the time!

Erin said...

LOL! I'm with Kristal :)

Also, I really don't think it's a boy, girl thing either - Ashley is right! No kids are alike so really...... no one should WORRY that their 1 year old doesn't know the alphabet :) ha! They'll ALL figure it out eventually, some just like doing it earlier than others!!

Cubbies and Nooks said...

Umm...Ryann saying "8" was pretty much the best thing ever. I may have watched that part three times.