July 8, 2011

this and that

::  So a main contributor to my ridiculous indulging over the holiday weekend?  These brownies.  If you make them, and happen to eat half the pan, don't blame me.  You've been warned, they are freaking awesome.

::  We umm, can't get enough of sidewalk chalk around here.  I wasn't lying when I said I created a monster.  All she wants to do is 'color color color!'  It is starting to get a little messy, but it makes her so dang happy!


::  Why did I buy the Blurb Groupons?  First I was just going to do family photo albums, but I don't really feel like going through all my photos.  So I decided I was going to make a blog book.  But Blurb and I aren't getting along.  And I used to upload my photos really small, so none of them are superb for print or anything.  I have less than a month to use those stupid things.  Bah.

::  Ryann slept past 6:30 two days in a row.  That definitely equals a much happier mommy.

::  I did it.  I signed up for Elevated Envelopes.  Now I just have to dream up a design.  Part of me wants to use a black envelope, but I know the silly post office people will slap a big 'ol white bar code sticker at the bottom if I do, which wouldn't be so pretty would it?  Hmmmmmmmm...

::  Crap.  That nap was short.

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Tara Bliven said...

I'm glad you signed up! I think you should do the black envelope... just mail a test one to yourself to see where they stick the sticker. Maybe you can work it into your design somehow.