July 9, 2011

easy grilled lemon chicken

For reals.  It is really easy.  Well the original recipe is anyway.  And how we adapted it doesn't really make it difficult, just adds a couple of things.  I found the recipe here.


I really love allrecipes.com, just because I enjoy being able to read the reviews and see how everyone made changes to the recipe.  One reviewer suggested adding brown sugar, garlic and green onion to the marinade, and since we like all of those things we decided to go for it.  We did a tablespoon each of the brown sugar and garlic, and chopped up two green onions.

Even though we love soy sauce, I felt like the flavor was a bit strong in this recipe.  If we were to make it again I might cut the soy sauce amount in half.  While he was grilling, Chris boiled the marinade and added a little cornstarch to make a sauce.  I think that would have been really good, had the soy sauce flavor not been so overwhelming.  The chicken stayed really moist and the recipe is easy, so I think we will give it a go again sometime.



Katie said...

If I remember correctly awhile back you posted a project you were working on. It was a map of the USA that you mounted on cork board so you could place pins to all the places you traveled. If I am thinking of someone else's blog I aplogize but I am looking to do something similar so if you could link it so give me a site where you got directions, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Ashley said...

I never ended up making one, but a long time ago I did post about one. Here is the link to the post I mentioned it in.