July 28, 2011

embrace the camera

Ryann LOVES, loves loves loves, sidewalk chalk.  We've discussed that.  But it is a million degrees outside.  So we aren't using the chalk as much.  Therefore the new favorite in the house... crayons.


We are already on to our second box of crayons.  Several colors from the first box have disappeared or are broken.  Luckily we were at Toys R Us, and Crayola products were buy one get one.  So I already have another back up.

It is so fun to watch her meticulously cover a page with her scribbles.  She likes to request that we draw something, usually a circle, random letters, an 8, or crazier things such as an eagle, a cow, Mickey... I may have been an art student, but drawing we NEVER my strength.  I'm more of a doodler.

What is your favorite beat the heat activity?


B Walker said...

What a cute little artist you have! :o)

Me said...

The last one is my fav. Reminds me of, "Mickey, YAY!"

ps- your circle is hard to beat! I'm sure you've had lots of practice :)

Anonymous said...

Your hair is gorgeous? This is random, but can you please explain your hair routine? Do you bring in an inspiration picture, get it colored, do any special treatments, type of shampoo and conditioner you use, etc. I've been really curious for a long time haha!

Faith said...

she is going to be a brilliant artist! too cute!

Heather said...

I second the hair question- I love your hair!!
Also, I had to laugh seeing her so close to the window with those crayons, because I could just picture her trying to decorate the pretty white window with some color :) lol.
I won't lie- my second thought seeing you coloring with her on the floor was "She's laying on her tummy! I MISS laying on my belly!!!!!!!!" So I'm jealous lol.

Anonymous said...

Random question but where did you get your top and shorts? They are very cute and i have been looking for a flowery top for awhile :)

Ashley said...

Man, maybe I need to do a style sort of post in the near future, ha. I'll get back to you all on the hair, I promise it is nothing fancy and it very seldom looks nice.

The shorts are from Ann Taylor Loft and the top was from Kohls in the juniors section.