July 21, 2011

embrace the camera

I would be a terrible single parent.  For all of you women out there going it alone, for whatever reason, I commend you.  If Chris has to work odd hours I get in a panic.  This week he had to work sixteen hour shifts.  And it is weeks like this that I am so thankful that I was able to stay at home with Ryann, and even more thankful that I have loving parents close by that we can stay with.  So I don't go crazy after being alone all day with the wee one.  Thankfully we will see Christopher tomorrow!

Me not being home/ being lazy and not prepping photos for posts = an iphone pic for today.  This morning we visited a new Children's Discovery Center.  This is a picture of Ry and I hanging out in the car.  We were a few minutes early.

ryann is thrilled, obviously.

We decided we needed to make a trip back in the fall sometime, when A) Ryann is a little bit older (and hopefully taller, she couldn't reach some of the stuff) and B) when most older children are in school.  Poor girl got knocked down twice by crazy 7-10 year olds running around.  I was doing my best to protect her, but she wanted to explore everything so bad and kept squirming her way in the middle of all the big kids.

For the record, no, we won't be running to my parents house every time Chris has to work long hours.  I know it is going to happen often over the next three years.  But if you had the option to hang out with people, and get cooked awesome free meals, and help with the baby, you would go too, right?  :o)


Tysie said...

Being a "pseudo" single (SAHM) parent (Lilah's daddy works in Afghanistan for 2.5 months at a time), I hear you girl! Nothing better than having family and friends around to turn to for help and company - or just a BREAK! You could totally do it though - it just takes some initial adjusting and a whole heap of patience!!!

Vivian said...

I think about that often, too. And I also commend them. This motherhood is hard work and so many out there put it down. I'm sure you are doing the best you can so don't feel guilty if you have to run to your parents for help. You DESERVE it!

Dana Livingston said...

Ashley, I so feel ya! Todd works 14 hour shifts once a week and it falls kinda back to back so it seems like he is gone for a couple of days. I always wonder how in the world single moms do it. They are super women for sure!!!!

Super Lily said...

You shouldn't be ashamed of wanting adult company, we are only human. Your day looked like tons of fun!