July 26, 2011

ketchup loving kid

Seriously.  This kid loves ketchup.  And has recently discovered the joy in eating JUST ketchup, and licking it off her fingers.  A little photo series for you, with what I assume Ryann is thinking...

"Hey now.  You better not put this on the blog mom."
"Moooom, ha ha I'm messy!"
"No.  Seriously.  Don't post these pictures."

So sorry sweetie.  I like them too much.  I had to do it.  That series could also be titled bad photo lighting.  Yuck.  Maybe I should actually set my white balance sometimes.  Or move to a house with more natural light.  I like the latter option.

I thought I'd toss in a little update on our picky eater situation.  She does eat those Gerber meals.  The little cups of nastiness (in my opinion) that they call mac & cheese and pasta stars with chicken & vegetables.  So I know she gets a little bit of protein and vegetables.  I've been playing the tough guy lately, and she has gone pretty much with out eating a meal a few times.  But she lived, and didn't seem all that phased by it.

I have been telling her what she is eating in those Gerber meals, such as the corn, peas, carrots, chicken and turkey.  She will now eat corn.  Not the ideal vegetable for our household, seeing as Chris and I almost never make it, but it is better than nothing!

Ryann definitely seems more eager to try new foods (and even like them!) when we aren't at the table.  For instance, in the grocery store on Saturday they were  passing out samples of brisket with some barbeque sauce they were marketing.  Ryann started asking me for a bite, and I of course said something to the tune of "Yeah right.  You won't eat this."  I know I shouldn't say things like that when I want her to try new things.  But of course she surprised me and gobbled up that bite, along with the rest of mine and Chris's sample cups.

I'm toying with the idea of getting her a little table to sit at while she eats, so she doesn't have to be in the booster at the table.  But I haven't sold myself on it yet.  I don't know that it will make a big difference, and I really don't want more stuff hanging out around the house.  It feels cluttered enough for me!  So we will see.  Maybe I'll try to borrow something, or buy something cheap off Craigslist to test this theory out, before I dive in with something cute that I'll actually allow to sit out in my living room.

And for the record, we have wanted to try just leaving the tray off her booster and letting her eat at the table like a 'big girl' (one of her new favorite phrases right now) but she isn't quiet tall enough for it to really work.  She needs to grow another inch or so.

What is your kiddo's favorite food or meal?


Kate said...

Hi! I just found your blog and I LOVE it! I have a 2 1/2 year old that started out in life eating anything (I was bursting with pride). Now we are down to pb sammies (no jelly), croutons, yogurt smoothies, and chicken nuggets (frozen). I kid you not... that is ALL he will eat. Life with a picky eater is mind boggling.

lala said...

IMO, don't get a kid's table. We have one and Ellie went through the same phase at Ryann - not wanting to sit in the booster. Eating dinner together as a family is important. I've not gone soft on it and she'll sit with us for dinner.

I do let her eat her breakfast at the kid's table, but we also eat lunch together (the 2 of us...sometimes 3, if the baby wants to sit with us). The little table we have is adorable (from Ikea) but I have having another piece of furniture and also hate the messes because it is on carpet.

payettestork said...

She's so cute. How could you not post those photos? A mom I know in the blog world just got a little table for her 16-month-old and it seems to be going really well. She blogged about it here: http://babybignon.blogspot.com/2011/07/you-are-16-months-old-nicholas-there.html

I'm thinking about it for Shelby (a little picnic table, actually), but we'll see.

kyna... said...

If you do get a kid's table and she won't eat at it, at least you know you can use it for coloring, playdoh (when she gets older), etc. But I'm with you...I have toyed with the idea, but I feel like Ellie won't dig it and it will be one more thing in my house. We use one of these for Ellie:


I HIGHLY suggest it. You can take it with you when you go out, or go over to friend's houses, or on vacation...and when you are at home, Ryann can eat right at the table with you without a tray in the way. We put a place mat down in front of her, and she eats right with us. We actually have 2. One at our dining room table, and one that stays permanently in the trunk of my car.

Just a thought...Ryann might like it!

♡ Kyna