July 6, 2011

a day in the life - kelly

Have you all recovered from the holiday weekend?  Personally, I'm still exhausted.  For no good reason.  Oh well.  Today you get the pleasure of meeting Kelly.  I hope you enjoy a peek in to her day!


Good Morning! My name is Kelly and I am a former elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom. I married my high school sweetheart in 2006 and we welcomed our son Carter on March 5, 2010. We live in the ‘burbs about an hour outside of Atlanta. Want to know more about us? Check out what we're up to at Hamilton Happenings and feel free to click around!
Here is a glimpse into a some what regular Monday with my sweet Carter.
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8:40 Rise and Shine! My alarm goes off and I hit the snooze button one or two or six times before getting out of bed. I was supposed to go to the gym this morning but I stayed up until 1am and used that as an excuse not to go. I head to the bathroom and get ready for the day. I don’t feel like putting on make up so I brush my teeth, throw on some clothes, put my hair up, and find my glasses.


9:10 Wake Up Baby! Carter is a sleepy head and it takes a few minutes to coax him out of a deep sleep. He eventually stretches out like a cat, rolls over, and smiles at me! Then he stands up and throws out his arms to be held. I take him over to his rocking chair and nurse him. I already laid out his clothes for the day but after he eats I let him run around in his diaper for a few minutes, we read one story, and then I bring him to the changing table to get ready.


9:36 Breakfast! We head downstairs and pop a waffle in the toaster while I pour myself some juice. Carter loves to drink whatever I have in my cup so he steals a few sips before we head out to the car. I think we’re running late for music class but once we get there I realize our class doesn’t start at 10am!
10:05 We’re Late! We arrive across town and I would swear we were five minutes late only to realize my class doesn't start until 10:30. Oops. We play outside in the courtyard and watch our friends in the class before us. Carter dances around a little to the music and tries to distract his buddies.
10:30 Music Class! Our class starts and we sing, shimmy, and shake to all our favorite songs. Carter really loves the instruments but he’s in a bit of a funk today and spends a lot of the class on my lap. Once our teacher pulls out the scarves he gets a little more into it and we end the class on a good note.


12:00 Lunch with the Grands! After music we drive across town again to my parent’s house. My sister Kristin and nephew Nathan are staying with them this week to help cheer up my mom and keep her company while she recovers from surgery. She just waged her fourth battle against cancer and is home healing. We order in lunch and then hang out, laze around, and play with the babies. Carter fills up on yummy fruit and then runs amuck around my parent’s house.
1:10 Linc and I don’t have cable so I watch a little Wimbledon and then keep Kris company while she feeds N. Carter loves his Hattie and they get a little time together to read books and play. He keeps reaching for her and doesn’t understand why she can’t pick him up. Soon baby C, don’t worry!


1:50 Temper Tantrum! C has a mental break down so we pack up for a nap. He goes 100% until he crashes almost without warning! I attempt to nurse him and put him down in the crib at my mom’s house but he fights me so we end up leaving because I know he is desperate for some good rest. He falls asleep before we even leave her neighborhood and I trek back north to our house. It takes for-freaking ever because the roads are under construction.
2:55 We’re Finally Home! The traffic was absolutely ridiculous but we finally pull into the driveway and I manage to transfer C to his crib upstairs. I throw in some laundry, tidy up around the house, and then lay down to rest. The house is so quiet and I must fall asleep right away!
4:30 Well Rested! Wow, I must have needed that nap! I switch around the loads of laundry and do a quick email check.
5:04 Baby’s Awake! Carter starts stirring and talking. I can hear him all the way across the house and I love when he wakes up happy. I go into his room and we play for a few minutes before feeding him.
5:15 IPhone Fun! I let Carter have a few minutes of play time on my phone while we snuggle but it ends in a HUGE hissy fit when I try to take it away. He loves my phone but gets hysterical when his time is up. He starts screaming and trying to bite me so I redirect his behavior and bring him downstairs. I can usually talk him off the ledge by mentioning his puppies or food!
5:56 Snack Time! I put Carter in his high chair with some Cheerios so I can feed the pups and clean the kitchen. I unload the dishwasher while my little helper looks on and we talk about what he wants for dinner.
6:30 Dinner is Ready! I am done straightening up the kitchen so I cook Carter some dinner. He picked turkey sausages and veggie pouches. He eats much better when I show him some options and he gets to choose so I heat up his meal and help him get started. He loves to feed himself and is such a big boy!


6:47 What Happened?? I went to let the dogs in and Carter is hysterical. Did he bite his tongue? I’m not sure what happened so I pick him up and he finishes eating his dinner in my lap. This is when some verbal communication would really come in handy so I could know what was bothering him. We dance a few spins around the living room and my happy baby is back. We listen to Raffi Radio in the evenings and love dancing, singing, and being silly. Our favorite song is Barenaked Ladies Crazy ABC’s.
7:09 Smoothies! Apparently I left the blender full of fruit when I was cooking C dinner so I add some milk and stir it up. I love having smoothies for breakfast and I throw it in the refrigerator for tomorrow. Daddy calls and says he’s bringing pizza home for dinner! Yay! I love cooking but hadn’t even given tonight’s dinner a single thought. This leaves more time for playing so Carter and I head to the living room and go wild.
7:27 Fresh Air! We are still waiting on daddy to get home so Carter and I go for a little stroll in the cozy coupe. It is gorgeous out but the strong breeze is blowing a thunderstorm in. I bet my dog is going crazy because I can hear thunder in the distance. Hopefully the pizza guy doesn't come while we’re gone!
7:43 Daddy’s Home! And the pizza arrives! Linc scarfs down a few slices while we talk about our day. He’s been very busy at work and has a huge deadline on Friday.
8:10 Boy Time! After catching up and talking about our day the boys head up stairs for "boy time" and I take my pizza to the couch to veg out for a few minutes. I start an episode of Samantha Who on Netflix and listen to the male bonding going on down the hall. I like to give my boys a few minutes alone when Linc gets home from work. I check my email again, throw in some more laundry, and then crash their party.


8:48 Sleepy Head! Carter grabs his blankie and sucky and lays down in my lap. I ask him if he’s ready for “Night, Night” and he says “Yes!” Daddy puts on a fresh diaper and his jammies and kisses him goodbye. C nurses one more time before bed and then I tuck him into his crib. He immediately rolls over onto his belly and starts twirling his hair.
9:02 Linc is outside mowing the lawn so I get my jammies on and get ready for bed. When he’s done we wind down by watching some old News Radio episodes. Not having cable limits what there is to watch but I don’t think either of us are actually paying attention. I check my email again, read a million blog posts, and play around on Facebook.
11:13 Yawn! Trying to hit the hay a little earlier than normal so I can get my butt to the gym in the morning. Thanks for spending the day with us! Hopefully we’ll see you around here again soon!


1. What is the most surprising thing about being a mom?
I think the thing that surprised me the most is how HARD it is!! I was so excited for Carter to be born and couldn’t wait to be a mommy but no one can prepare you for the sleepless nights, the inconsolable screaming, and the frustration of not knowing what on earth you’re doing! Motherhood is tough and anyone who tells you otherwise is probably lying. With all of that said though, it is also the most amazing experience in the world and all the tears (from mommy and baby) are oh, so worth it! I wouldn’t trade those first few months for anything and it only keeps getting better the older Carter gets. Even though every stage has its challenges, I look forward to facing them head on!

2. What are some tips/advice you would give to new or soon-to-be mamas?
Do what you think is right and ignore anyone else who says otherwise. Once your baby is born everyone wants to throw in their two cents but sometimes you just have to follow your gut, even if that means contradicting those around you. You know what’s best for your particular situation and you shouldn't let other people dictate how you raise your child. Have an open, honest discussion with your spouse and figure out what works best for you guys!

3. What are your top 3 baby products?
Newborn Must-Haves:
  • The Miracle Blanket- Carter slept swaddled until he was eight months old and this was the only swaddle that kept him contained. He was so much happier all wrapped up and slept better too.
  • MAM Pacifiers- I didn’t want to be one of those moms that stuck a pacifier in my child’s mouth every time he screamed so instead I nursed him. By the time Carter was eight weeks old though I was exhausted and my boobs couldn’t take it anymore! Thank goodness for Mams and for Aunt Kristin for finally teaching C how to take a sucky.
  • Fisher Price My Little Lamb Swing- In those early months I never would have been able to take a shower, clean the house, or have a few minutes of peace without Carter’s lambie swing.
Toddler Must-Haves
  • Take and Toss Utensils- Carter loves to feed himself and I have been giving him his own silverware since he showed interest in holding it. He now feeds himself for every meal and these cheap forks are great for at home or on the go. We don’t toss them though, just hand wash them and reuse!
  • Foam Puzzle Play Mat- Our living room has been transformed into toddler play land and this foam tile flooring has been great! I needed something to help soften up the hardwood floor and protect against bumps and bruises. We bought four sets to make the mat eight x ten feet.
  • Black Out Curtains- Maybe Carter is just a good sleeper (making up for those first ten months of torture) but I really do attribute these sleeping habits to the black out curtains we installed in his room. I know I sleep a whole lot better when my room is dark and cozy so why wouldn’t he?

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Thank you for sharing your day with us, Kelly!


Tam said...

Yay Kelly! I loved reading about your day with sweet baby C!

Kelly said...

Hey!! Thanks for hosting me yesterday :) Check out the giveaway I am hosting for a chance to win some awesome Boudreaux's Products: http://kellyandlincoln.blogspot.com/2011/07/boudreauxs-butt-paste-review-and.html