July 29, 2011

sixteen months

I won't even say it.  You know what I'm thinking.


Where to start... hmm... well I'm sure the girl is growing everyday.  But Ry still fits in her 12-18 month clothing just fine.  The size four diaper is still working as well.  As are the 12-18 month Pedipeds.  The 12-18 month swimsuits are a tad small now, but don't swimsuits always run small?  I like it though, because her little belly hangs out the bottom of the tankinis :o).


Apparently I was wrong last month when I thought her crankiness was related to teething (I guess they could just be really slow).  So far no more new teeth.  But I am happy to report that the sleep isn't quite as bad.  Ryann will usually sleep until 6 or 6:15, and naps for just under two hours.  Bedtime is between 7:45 and 8.  Not much of a difference, but seeing the six on the clock when I get woken up is so much nicer.  Actually thanks to Chris having to be at work before the sun comes up, I am still waking up at 5:15 or so, but I get to spend some time draining my brain in the internet.  Works for me.

she was mad because I was taking pictures instead of swinging next to her

Ryann surprises me everyday with something else she does or says.  I don't know how her little brain retains so much information.  As I said last week, she can recognize all of her letters, and knows the sounds they make (if I make a letter sound, she can tell me what letter it is).  Wednesday we discovered that she can count to fifteen.  Yesterday I found out she knows almost all of the words to most of her books.  When I pause just before the end of a sentence, she can tell me what comes next nine times out of ten.  My favorite is in Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, the part the says "M is looped, N is stooped, O is twisted alley oop", oh my goodness it is so cute to hear her (try to) say alley oop.   Now she will try and say almost any word I ask her to.  Unless it is a really hard one :o).

she teased me during the 14 month pics when she stood so nice with the chalkboard...

One of the really fun parts of Ryann's excellent speaking skills, is watching her play by herself.  She frequently narrates what she is doing.  The other day she was playing with her Mickey doll, and was saying things like "Night night Mickey.  Take Nap.  Wake up Mickey!  Mickey sit on bottom.  Mickey go weeee on slide (she was pretending the window was a slide)."  Actually I think the best part of that, was when she was telling Mickey to sit on his bottom.  Because she couldn't get the dang thing to actually sit up, and it was driving her nuts.


We have finally entered the world of climbing.  Ry wants to climb EVERYTHING.  I know I'm lucky that we lasted this long without worrying about her getting up on stuff, but man.  Climbing really ups the ante.  Because of course she doesn't get down carefully.  Therefore I can't leave her alone in a room at all, for the fear of what she will fall off of.  Or get her foot stuck in.  That happens.  Thankfully she isn't super tall or strong, so she can't make it everywhere she wants to go.  Which equals lots of grunting and her saying 'make it.  make it!' when she is trying to climb on something.


Ry isn't always the most affectionate little girlie, but this past month, when she wants to give you a hug, it is an amazingly tight and wonderful bear hug.  Occasionally (ok frequently) you get the butt hug... she comes up behind you, wraps her arms around your thighs, and squeezes with all her might, therefore shoving her head in your butt.  But it is still adorable.  Probably the sweetest thing, is that I finally got a real kiss from her.  Twice actually!  The first time was when I was putting her to bed, she usually gives me a big hug, but this time she leaned back and planted a wet one right on my lips.  I was so surprised I about cried.  A few days later she did it again after she gave me a random middle of the day hug.  Absolutely melted my heart.  I frequently wish she was more snuggly/huggy/kissy, but the feeling of joy when I get some love now is pretty dang awesome.


Thankfully Ryann is starting to do a lot better at the gym daycare.  It isn't a complete meltdown when I leave her anymore.  She will actually let me put her down.  Yes, her eyes do well up a little bit, and her voice catches as she says 'bye mommy', but usually by the time I come back she is playing and relatively happy.  Sometimes I will come back to find her asking everyone in sight 'mommy coming?', but she isn't crying.  Or she hangs out in the baby area with Miss Bee, a lady that she has apparently become attached to.  I think she is a wee bit intimated by all of the other kids.  But she usually tells me 'gym fun' at some point in the day.  I hope we keep getting better with all of that, because I enrolled her in a Mother's Day Out program.  Eek!  She will go there once a week from 8:30am to 3:30pm starting in September.  Crossing my fingers that neither of us have a breakdown.

I think cute crossed little feet are her signature

Of course life isn't all puppies and rainbows.  Is it ever?  Ry is definitely testing her limits.  She has strong opinions, and throws a mean tantrum if she doesn't get her way.  Thankfully it isn't usually a throw herself on the floor kind of tantrum, more of a walk around the house screaming bloody murder unconsolable crying tantrum.  She did throw herself on the floor in the middle of Beauty Brands, when I wouldn't let her carry around some sparkly red hair clips.  Mean mom, I know, but we were getting ready to leave.  Redirection seems to work pretty well, as long as I have a good enough second option.  That usually includes crayons, chalk or food.  Or helping me with my make-up or brushing my teeth.  Eh, you do what you have to do.


One of the big tantrum causers lately, is the iPad.  And movies too I guess.  Ryann has gotten to the point where she wants to sit on our bed and play with the iPad ALL OF THE TIME.  If we aren't out and about or doing something SUPER awesome, she wants the iPad.  It is nice for when I want to sit her on our bed when I get dressed and do my hair.  And it is nice for Chris when she is having one of her I only want my mom and no one else no matter what moments.  The iPad totally trumps me.  But she is obsessed and addicted to that thing.  So it, and all the movies, have been put in timeout until I decide otherwise.  We've gone two days without touching it.  She isn't happy about it, but I'm hoping that her obsession subsides a bit.  Knowing me this will probably backfire.  Oy.


I can't wait to see what happens over the next month.  We love you so much Ryann!


Kat said...

New follower here from My First Baby Bump. Excited to read more. Your little one is absolutely precious!!!

Erin said...

Oh man, I hear you on having to put technology on a "time out" - Annie seriously CANNOT handle having our phones - she has a full blown tantrum when they are taken away which we learned long ago, so now she just doesn't ever get to even touch them. It's just easier that way!

My friend has a kid that sounds really similar to Ryann - very early talker, and SUPER verbal - she's 2.5 now and still never stops talking - I was EXHAUSTED just being with her for a few hours! I have a whole lot of respect for you - obviously it's hilarious and amazing to watch, but also just.... constant :) Whew!