July 10, 2011

week in iphone pics

Moving on to the week of June 27th...


Monday  ::  Ryann randomly decided she wanted to take a trip to the park, she grabbed her shoes and hat and tried to head out the door.  Still sporting the hat playing with her laptop.  The little miss has taken to playing in her crib randomly throughout the day.  A trip to Target to buy a potty chair, she wanted the frog, I um, bought a different one.  Attempting to get her laundry to the basement.  I baked some banana bread for Chris four our anniversary.

Tuesday  ::  More time just hanging out in the crib.  For someone who doesn't love to sleep, she sure likes to be in her crib a lot.  I made dinner (whoa, craziness), and based my meal off this recipe.  I thought it was good, Chris didn't like the balsamic.

Wednesday  ::  Ryann decided her hat was a fun accessory, doesn't bother me a bit.  She surprised me by figuring out how to drink out of my Camelbak.  A wee bit crabby girl felt much better after some snuggle time with Daddy, Simon and the iPad.

Thursday  ::  After an apparently traumatizing trip to the pediatrician, Ryann had snack in the car.  We headed to Topeka for the holiday weekend.  Ryann enjoyed dumping water on Grammy's feet.  A little almost naked snack time on the kitchen floor.

Friday  ::  Let the fireworks madness begin!  Thank goodness Ryann managed to sleep through almost all of them.

Sunday  ::  Apparently Ryann thinks she can power chargers with all of her energy.  She kept trying to plug it in to her toes.  We took a little trip to the Toy Store.  Ryann loves that little car. 

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emily barkemeyer said...

CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! I will confess that I take the girls to the Toy Store to "play" when Brett has to work on the weekend! That car is the best!